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Zoom consultant Alex Stamos weighs in on Keybase acquisition

When Zoom started having security issues in March, they turning now to former Facebook and Yahoo! Security executive Alex Stamos, who ratified on as a consultant to work directly with CEO Eric Yuan.

The goal was to build a more cohesive security policy for the fast-growing company. One of the recommendations that came out of those meetings was improving end-to-end encryption into the paid tier of such products. Those discussions led to the company buying Keybase this morning.

Stamos says in the large-hearted build versus buy debate that companies tend to go through when they are evaluating options, this descend somewhere in the middle. While they bought a company with a lot of expertise, it will still ask Keybase architects are concerned with counterparts from Zoom and consultants like Stamos to build a final encrypted product.

” The truth is that what Zoom wants to do with end-to-end encryption , nobody’s really done, so there’s no product that you could just slap onto Zoom to turn it into key encryption. That’s going to have to be thought out from the beginning for the specific needs of industrial enterprises ,” Stamos told TechCrunch.

But what they liked about Keybase in particular is that they have already reputed through similar problems with file encryption and encrypted chat, and they want to turn the Keybase engineers liberate on this problem.

” The motif is going to be something that’s totally new. The enormous thing about Keybase is that they have already been through this process of considering through and then crafting a motif that is usable by regular people and that supplies functionality while being somewhat invisible ,” he said.

Because it’s a work in progress, it’s not possible to say when that final incorporation will happen, but Stamos did say that the company intends to publish a newspaper on May 22 nd outlining its cryptographic proposal progressing well, and then will have a period of public discussion before finalizing the design and moving into the desegregation phase.

He says that the first goal is to come up with a more most stick account of Zoom finds with end-to-end encryption enabled. At least first, this will only be available for parties expending the Zoom client or Zoom-enabled hardware. You won’t be able to encrypt someone calling in, for instance.

As for folks who may be worried about Keybase being owned by Zoom, Stamos says,” The whole point of the Keybase design is that you don’t have to trust who owns their servers .”

Zoom acquires Keybase to get end-to-end encryption knowledge

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