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Yub nub! Students dress a bipedal robot like an AT-ST

Students at Oregon State University dressed up their bipedal robot, Cassie, in a delicious AT-ST costume. This robot, which everyone said looked like one of the Empire’s two-legged hikers anyway, been in a position to zap both Rebels and Ewoks in a virulent engagement to take control of the forest municipal of Corvallis.

The robot, as “youre seeing”, can change its center of gravity for better stability and, because it doesn’t have a torso or weapons, can offset in numerous difficult surroundings. It can also now fervour lasers at primitive man-bears stuck in the Stone Age.

The Dynamic Robotics Lab at Oregon State University constructed the original robot and now Agility Robotics is mass-producing the bipedal machines, likely for for Grand Moff Tarkin. You can see Cassie without her costume here, but I recollect the Star Wars version is far superior.