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YouTuber Nat’s What I Reckon tests the cylindrical horror that is the Egg Master

Several years ago, a humble kitchen gadget called the Egg Master( a fix design that heats nutrient in a tubing) was released into the world. Guardian’s Rhik Samadder called it “a horrifying, unholy affair.” HuffPost’s Nitya Rajan called it “the gadget that spoilt eggs for everyone.”

Years last-minute, having clawed its highway back out of the fiery rift from whence it comes down, the Egg Master is getting another time in the limelight, as YouTuber, cook, and Death to Jar Sauce author Nat’s What I Reckon makes this questionable cooking device for a revolve.

Specialising in empowering parties to cook their own homemade banquets with actual ingredients instead of instant packet stuff, Nat has long been drawing videos that specially do not encourage expending ‘8 0s style procedures relying on the “electrical sin bin” that is the microwave — his is lovingly worded the “tucka fucka.”

This time, Nat is using both the microwave and the Egg Master, to create some truly…uh, rain and tube-like innovations use the recipe journal that comes with the design — he’s done this type of cookbook test before and it was also gross.

“The joy of cooking, everyone! ” he says, attempting to thwart the prematurely rising start-up arising as a result of the Egg Master. “What am I supposed to do? It doesn’t say ‘keep shoving it back down into the Eggmaster.'”

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