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VideoReel - LocalLeadsNeos

YouBionic adds creepy hands to SpotMini, the creepy robot dog

If you’ve ever wanted to add sinisters, 3D-printed paws to your frightening robot pup, YouBionic has you plowed. This odd company is offering an exclusively 3D-printed weapon mixture for the Boston Dynamics SpotMini, the doglike robot that already has only one appendage of its own. YouBionic is selling the $179 3D prototypes for the commodity that it is possible to periodical and assemble yourself.

This solution is very skimpy on detailed information but as you can see it essentially turns the SpotMini into a robotic centaur, regal and stately as those mythical creatures are. There isn’t much description of how information systems will work in practice- the STLs involving the structural personas but not the electronics. That said, it’s a fascinating idea and could mean the beginning of a rightfully component-based robotics solution.

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