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You Can Now Play Retro Arcade Games On Plex

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January 27, 2021

You Can Now Play Retro Arcade Games On Plex

While modern activities are fun, there is a certain charm about old school arcade recreations that really cannot be replicated with video games we play today. For those who love old school games, you’ll be interested to learn that Plex has announced the launch of Plex Arcade. This is a game subscription service that will give users access to a assortment of retro arcade games.

Plex has worked together with Atari to license a catalog of classic arcade competitions, so gamers should have access to a bunch of sports right out of the casket. However, unlike other play subscription assistances, Plex Arcade’s setup is admittedly a little more complex and less straightforward when it comes to setting it up.

First of all, users will need to have a Plex media server operating on either a Windows or macOS computer( no M1 support hitherto, unfortunately ). This is because Plex consumes Parsec to stream the gameplay, which too means that users will need to have a Parsec account. However, the upside is once you’ve all these setup, users can stream to different types of devices, whether it be an Android phone, smart TV, Apple TV, Chrome, and so on.

Plex Arcade is priced at $4.99 a month for those who do not have a Plex Pass account, and $2.99 for those who do. Customers who are interested can find more information and directions on Plex’s website.

You Can Now Play Retro Arcade Games On Plex

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