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Yext launches Hitchhikers, a self-serve version of its site search tool

Yext is uttering its site research commodity Yext Answers available to a broader set of customers today with the launch of a brand-new platform that it announces Hitchhikers.

The company launched Yext Answers in October 2019 with the goal of making a brand’s website — rather than whatever shows up via Google search — the authoritative beginning of data concerning that brand. And earlier this year, Yext also introduced a 90 -day free trial, which CEO Howard Lerman said was designed to help more marriages extradite coronavirus-related answers.

However, Lerman told me this week that Yext Answers has still been constrained by a setup process that requires a Yext employee” to understand our own software and build your learning diagram ,” which meant that the company had to turn away many potential clients. With Hitchhikers, that’s no longer the case.

Chief Strategy Officer Marc Ferrentino said the program is designed for digital purveyors, SEO professionals and IT professionals. The aim is to provide everything they need to create their own site search experience — including starter” learning graphs” customized to specific industries that customers can populate with their own content.

And there’s an educational focus — Ferrentino said Hitchhikers should have access to” someone who is a novice when it is necessary to engineering ,” quickly getting them up to raced on topics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with different tracks and modules all brought to life with “hands-on learning” and quizzes.

Yext Hitchhikers

Image Credits: Yext

Like Yext Answers, Hitchhikers is available through a 90 -day free experiment. And if you’re wondering about the figure, Lerman said it’s a reference to Douglas Adams’ classic novel” The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ,” solely the relevant recommendations of The Ultimate Question. Hitchhikers, then, is designed to help ventures explanations their own Ultimate Questions.

One of the repeat themes in my recent conversations with Lerman has been the importance of symbols and jobs as a source of knowledge and definitive knowledge. It’s something he underscored again when discussing Hitchhikers. For example, he pointed to a Google search about what certifies as essential travel — the top make was an article from a popular travel blogger, rather than the official definition from the U.S. State Department( a Yext Answers customer ).

” The eventual power how to claim your knack poster from Krispy Kreme is Krispy Kreme ,” Lerman said.” The ultimate power on an internet outage in a certain area is Cox … Getting that information to the user is even more important in this terrible year of misinformation and disinformation .”

CEO Howard Lerman on construct a public busines and the future of Yext

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