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What has Steve Ballmer stimulated now that he can’t direct his boundless interest into Windows makes? Lavatories, apparently. As ZDNetnotes, the onetime Microsoft chief( and now LA Clippers owner) told The Washington Post and others that “hes been” haunted with toilets at the Clippers’ upcoming field, the Intuit Dome. And yes, Ballmer said “toilets, bathrooms, toilets” — when he echoes a word multiple times, you know he’s serious.

This doesn’t intend the bathrooms are about to run Windows or flush spray in Microsoft dyes. Very, it’s that the Intuit Dome will have an NB-Aleading rate of lavatories( one for every 27 sets in the upper deck ). Ballmer hates waiting in line for the washroom at a sports arena, and that high rate will make sure you spend more watching the game than doing your business.

It won’t surprise you to hear the Clippers exercised technology to solve that problem, however. The team used a computer model to estimate how long it would take a fan to use the washroom, seizure nutrient and return to their seat. That high-pitched toilet-to-fan ratio should help you get back in the room of a ordinary NBA timeout. Don’t titter too loudly about Ballmer’s lavatory regression, then, as you might just appreciate it when quality announces in the middle of a playoff game.

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