Wireless charging tech developer Powermat pivots to industrial applications with Jetsons Robotics partnerhsip

When the two year-old Indian company Jetsons Robotics began searching for a partner to help design bill terminals for their autonomous rooftop solar facility scavenging robots, the Israeli company Powermat was an self-evident choice.

While the company had cleared its list as the designer for wireless accusing technologies for shopper electronics, over the past two years the company was altering its focus to more industrial works. So it reached feel working in collaboration with the Indian company on new anatomy causes and applications for its blame technologies.

Indeed, the consumer market that Powermat had hoped to capture had been, by that target, broadly commoditized, so the tech developer needed a new direction.

Cleaning rooftop solar stations can be a costly exertion, moving companies anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 per year, according to Jetsons Robotics chief executive, Jatin Sharma. The abuse of robots to change human labor can save money, but the autonomous solution that the company wanted to build involved some kind of wireless blame dock, he said.

Contact-based blaming meant too many variables in the outdoor environment, but an inductive charger would be too costly. Until the company worked with Powermat on a mixture, Sharma said.

Backed by 100 x.vc, Sharma’s robots are already scavenging approximately 1.7 megawatts of solar stations on a daily basis.

For Powermat, the solar cleaning robots are a good exam of the company’s brand-new industrial focus, according to chief technology officer Itay Sherman.

” You can look at it like maturation of world markets ,” Sherman said.” Powermat had been a pioneer in driving wireless technology. This market is ripening and we are moving on to business where the technology and innovation is important. We have decided to shift our efforts to these emerging sells. Robotics is one, medical manoeuvres, IOT, and the automotive grocery are others .”

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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