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Why democratizing AI is absolutely crucial | Karen Palmer | Big Think

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Karen Palmer is the Storyteller from the Future. She is an award-winning international creator and TED speaker. She develops immersive cinema experiences at the intersection of movie, A.I. engineering, gaming, immersive storytelling, neuroscience, consciousness, implicit bias, and the parkour ideology of moving through anxiety. She is the creator of RIOT, an emotionally responsive movie, which usages facial recognition and A.I. technology to navigate through a perilous riot.
Transcript: One of the key themes kind of in the subtext of the narratives of my work that I start is about democratizing artificial intelligence and kind of looking at the lack of AI governance and AI regulation. And the consequence and implications of that which is something that my Perception iO project shows for the user experience. This is a really big deal girls and boys out there. This is a really big deal. You know there was something called the, you may have heard of called email and the internet which was with the government and the military for decades before it came to us, the person or persons. There’s serious consequences if us, the person or persons, don’t have access or are not involved in the development of these networks with these really powerful forms of technology. There’s something announced implicit bias which mostly makes everybody mostly has bias that they’ve had being been put forward and their support and its own experience in life.

And if you’re a make or a designer you is often used to subconsciously platform implicit bias into what you’re doing. The consequences of implicit bias in technology like AI is basically cataclysmic. So I’m going to give an example. There’s a system called the Compass system which is a system which supports justices as they’re sentencing a criminal. This is an AI system and it has been proven that this system has given longer convicts for people of color and black people than it does to white people. There’s too a similar structure in the UK which has been proven to give longer convicts to working class beings. The artificial intelligence which supports the adjudicators in these decisions is designed by private organizations and organizations. The data in this AI has no regulation control it and mostly a commercial entity has created this, afforded it to guess and it is affecting people’s lives. Parties of emblazon and black people for the worse on a daily basis.

As a pitch-black woman working in storytelling and technology this type of conversation is very important to bring to the fore. For other makes and academics in this area that’s not a priority for them. They have other narrations that they just wanted to delivering. So part of democratizing, creating a regulation, a governance is to me essential and that’s why when you experience my narratives and my immersive knows this is the context of them. Because maybe lots of people this is just too heavy for them. They want to watch The Voice, they want to watch X Factor. This is way too heavy shit. But if you’re in an immersive event and you’re feeling it and you’re feeling this sentiment and you’re seeing the consequences perhaps viscerally it can connect with you in your gut in a different way. So that’s why I established ordeals to kind of show, returning these things to people in a way which is accessible to them in a language and experience which they understand.

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