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What to expect at Google’s Pixel 6 launch event

Google has shared quite a few details of the Pixel 6 series, but it hasn’t uncovered everything ahead of its October 19 th occasion. Just how powerful will these phones be? Will they represent a good value? And does Google have any surprises up its sleeve? Here’s what you can expect from the presentation, including a few last-minute leaks.

The specs: A return to flagship phones

Unlike with past phone starts, Google has been happy to share basic details of the Pixel 6 family months in advance. Both the cornerstone Pixel 6 and the larger, brawnier Pixel 6 Pro will differentiate Google’s return to high-end phones after the Pixel 5‘ crack ,’ with fee glass blueprints. They’ll offer upgraded cameras with improved low-light performance( 150 percent more glowing than in the past ), and they should tout “all day” battery life despite support for battery-hungry 5G.

The centerpiece, nonetheless, will be the Tensor chip inside both Pixel 6 simulations. Google hasn’t officially exposed full specs for Tensor as of this writing, but it’s the company’s firstly custom system-on-chip. The intend exerts its namesake AI processing to achieve things that were “previously impossible” on ordinary SoCs, such as juggling multiple AI projects or processing live video.

Google Tensor chip inside Pixel 6Google

However, Google hasn’t said much about the exact specs of the Pixel 6 row or the scope of Tensor-assisted pieces. Expect the company to share many more gritty technological more detailed information about the Pixel 6 at the phenomenon, although we wouldn’t count on fairly info to do easy likeness between Tensor and competitive mobile chips.

You might not have to wait long to get the full dollop. Well-known leaker Evan Blass discerned Carphone Warehouse promo pages that appear to spoil much of what Google intends to announce. The standard Pixel 6 is very likely to compete against’ entryway’ flagships like the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 13 with a 6.4 -inch flat 90 Hz screen, a 50 -megapixel main camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide shooter. The Pixel 6 Pro, meanwhile, is advisable to the exhaustive top-of-the-range model with a 6.7 -inch bowed 120 Hz display and a third 48 MP telephoto lens. You may also realize 30 W wired charging, 23 W wireless charging and change blaming to surpass up your earbuds or other phones.

As for Tensor? That retail index claimed up to 80 percentage better achievement than the Pixel 5( not difficult given the 5′ s middling Snapdragon 765 G chip ), but the real perform may be Tensor’s photographic prowess. Google apparently contrives numerous AI-driven camera jokes that include a Magic Eraser to get rid of photobombers, Face Unblur to keep people in focus and a Motion Mode for act photography. These aren’t wholly fiction thoughts( anti-photobombing has been present in Huawei and Samsung telephones for a while ), but they’re new to Pixels and might accomplish better with Tensor involved.

A focus on services and supportGoogle Pixel 6 in peach at an angleGoogle

Google might also break new ground in how it sells the Pixel 6. This is Tech Today’s M. Brandon Lee secured what he says is evidence Google will become the Pixel 6 available as a part of a “Pixel Pass” that mixes monthly telephone remittances with an extended warranty, Google One cloud storage, Play Pass, optional Google Fi service and either YouTube Music or YouTube Premium. Effectively, Google would counter Apple One by including virtually everything you need in a single subscription , not just internet services.

You could also enjoy better software assist regardless of what you pay. Those Carphone Warehouse sheets resembled longstanding rumors that Google would volunteer “at least” five years of security informs to Pixel 6 owneds. That’s more than the three to four years you often find in the Android world, and roughly on equality with Apple. It’s not clear if you’ll come full operating system informs for those five years, but you might not have to worry about patchable vulnerabilities for the practical life of your Pixel.

Price and liberation date

There’s little doubt the Pixel 6 will cost more than its predecessor. Where the Pixel 5 was an upper-mid-range phone, its sequel is an upscale device. Google has even made clear the Pixel 6 Pro will be a “premium-priced product.” But how so much better will you have to pay?

Google Pixel 6 Pro colorsGoogle

That’s a difficult call. One Reddit user spotted a German listing that mentioned a EUR6 49( about $750) cost for the basi Pixel 6. A source for This is Tech Today, meanwhile, paraphrased a price of EUR8 99( roughly $1,050) for the 6 Pro. We’d be cautious about these expenditures, as they could change and might not convert neatly even if they’re accurate. Still, Google is apparently returning to top-tier pricing.

Like it or not, Google will also acquire a cost- and waste-cutting measure from its contenders: it’s leaving the charger out of the box. That’s not too dire an carelessnes when there’s a real chance you’ll have a USB-C charger hanging around, but it could be frustrating if you’re either new to USB-C manoeuvres or saddled with a sluggish capability brick. Factor that into the price before you hasten to check out.

The German listing and other discloses have drawn attention to a Pixel 6 liberation sometime the week of October 25 th. We’d expect a expansive international launching, for that matter. Where the Pixel 5a was limited to the US and Japan due to supply limitations, the discloses so far already hint that Google wants to construct the Pixel 6 as ubiquitous as possible.

Don’t expect numerous surprisesGoogle Pixel 6 colorsGoogle

We wouldn’t bet on Google announcing much else besides the Pixel 6 and its associate software. Google’s selling for the occurrence has revolved exclusively around its new phones. It’s unlikely that you’ll identify any other gadgets, and they’ll surely be secondary if they do appear.

That’s not to wholly rule in new hardware. It has been more than a year since Google debuted its higher-end Pixel Buds, and other machines like Nest WiFi haven’t been updated in a while. There’s exactly not much need for Google to rework products beyond the Pixel line — what’s there is still relevant and functional.

There’s too the possibility of brand-new or refurbished assistances. If Google actually does feed a Pixel Pass, it might want to sweetened the lot by offering more for the money, whether it’s a brand new service or perks like more cloud storage. We haven’t looked rumors to this effect so far, but Google also stopped unlimited photo uploads for Pixel proprietors when it covered everyone else in June. The company knows that assistances sell hardware, and that may be crucial for the Pixel 6.

Read more: engadget.com

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