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What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event

In merely a few daytimes, Apple will be hosting an incident that we’re all but certain will be the iPhone 13 launch. The fellowship sent out invites earlier this week that featured the words “California Streaming, ” which of course produced many of us in the industry to speculate like crazy what surprises might be in store. My money is on brand-new TV+ or Apple Music content, while others are guessing game streaming or a cloud-based macOS might be possible. But as always, we already have a good suggestion of what to expect thanks to reporters, leakers and FCC filings. Here’s a selection of the more-credible spills that have been swirling around so you can catch up on all the iPhone 13 rumors ahead of the September 14 th keynote.

iPhone 13

Just as there were four iPhone 12 patterns last year, we’re expecting the same number of iPhone 13 s next week. This was pretty much confirmed by an FCC filing about upcoming MagSafe modernizes, which didn’t specified them but drawn attention to four “New Phone” pieces in addition to the existing generation. Those four manoeuvres will potentially the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and I’m personally glad Apple is keeping the newborn iPhone around.

As early as February this year, rumours of the brand-new iPhones boasting Always On flaunts have been floating and have only gainedtraction since. This would allow Apple to constantly have the time and other plan indications appear on your fastening screen. Another favourite rumor shows the next iPhones will have smaller notches, and that a 120 Hz screen is coming to the Pro model. If that’s true, Apple would be catching up to Samsung, though Google still hasn’t smacked that high-pitched of a refresh frequency on its flagships yet.

With the potential Always On display and faster refresh paces, battery life could be a concern for the new flagships. But it sounds like Apple might be mitigating that by using lower power LTPO( or Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) screens and bigger batteries. There’s too talk of an in-display fingerprint reader coming to the iPhone 13 line, though the reports on that are less consistent. It’d likewise be quirky since the primary iPhone lines, haven’t had a Touch ID sensor since the iPhone X is published in 2017.

A person holding a blue iPhone 12 and blue iPhone 12 pro in each hand, with the devices' rear cameras facing up. Chris Velazco/ Engadget

Beyond their screens, the iPhones are also expected to get some camera improves. On the equipment front, we’re apparently going improved ultra-wide cameras across the lineup, with better sensors and lenses. As for imaging application, Apple is supposedly adding an automated astrophotography boast and a biography video mode that could be used to blur out the background while you film. Samsung already offers this on its S21 series, so it’ll be interesting to see how the two compare.

A surprising recent rumor advocates the iPhone 13 is likely to be foundation satellite communications, which could let you make emergency announces if you’re out of a conventional cellular coverage neighborhood. This would be a unique feature in modern smartphones, and nearly hard to believe. But review reports said Apple would be using a qualified Qualcomm radio to enable this, meaning the components could once be easily available, clearing it more possible this is coming this year.

Externally, the phones aren’t expected to look significantly different from their precedes, other than a potentially “gripper” texture on their backs. Reports seem to agree that the lightning port would be maintained, and that the updated MagSafe charger( and the phones) will have stronger magnets to prevent accidental slippage.

Finally, as we’ve been referring to it throughout such articles, the next generation is most likely going to be called the iPhone 13. Not the iPhone 12 S or the iPhone 14, because apparently Apple is not superstitious. Which is cool. Courage.

Apple Watch SE reviewCherlynn Low/ EngadgetWatch Series 7

In addition to brand-new phones, it’s also quite likely that we’ll participate new Apple Watches next week. Specific, we’re expecting the company to unveil the Watch Series 7 with bigger the circumstances and screens.

Some reports show the brand-new wearables will also boast thinner bezels, a weary pattern, a faster chip and informed “ultra-wideband functionality, ” which might improve its communication with doors, fastenings and other inventions. And that’s about all we’ve heard so far.

According to various sources, foresaw boasts like a body-temperature sensor or blood sugar monitor won’t be ready for this year’s Watch. Those waiting for a rocky variant will likewise probably have to wait till 2022 at least.

AirPods 3

Speaking of waiting, we’re coming up on about two and a half years since Apple launched the AirPods 2nd gen in 2019. It took about the same amount of go for the company to introduce the follow-up to its original wireless earbuds, though, so it’s very likely we’ll ensure the next generation come September 14 th.

At some moment, rumors intimated they might arrive earlier this year. We’re now well into the 2nd half of 2021, and all we’ve envision of the third-generation AirPods is a photo leaked in February. The epitome is purportedly of the regular sit , not the Pro, and includes the device’s carrying case. The owner looms wider than the second gen’s and the buds seem to have an in-ear design similar to the AirPods Pro. That would be in line with other rumors swirling around.

Two white wireless earbuds on top of a white charging case. Image is covered with a translucent watermark with Chinese characters and the url 52Audio

Beyond what can be seen in the picture, the resources 52 Audio also claimed that the third-gen AirPods would support active sound deletion and spatial audio. That belies an earlier Bloomberg report that said those features wouldn’t make it. The Bloomberg story did say the AirPods would furnish a new chip and longer battery life, though.

iPad 9, iPad mini 6, MacBook Pro and more

Those three product lines seem all but guaranteed to show up at next week’s launching, but let’s not forget about the iPad. Apple’s next entry-level tablet should be the iPad 9 and numerous reports from sources like Digitimes and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggest that it’ll arrive this month alongside the iPhones. An iPad mini 6 is also supposedly on the horizon.

In general, rumors have shown that the iPad 9 is going to look quite similar to its precede, with a somewhat thinner motif and somewhat bigger screen. The more noteworthy refurbishes are likely to be internal, with faster microchips and more RAM being a popular speculation. If Apple does launching a new tablet next week, these incremental betterments do looks a lot like a devoted. It’s likewise possible that the iPad 9 may offer MagSafe support, though since a slate wasn’t mentioned in the FCC filing I mentioned earlier, this seems unlikely.

As for the iPad mini 6, it looms as if a redesign might be in the works that would conclude the compact tablet examination more like the M1 iPad Pro, with thinner bezels and a squarer designing. It could also come with a USB-C port instead of Lightning, as well as a possible Smart Connector for keyboards and other accessories.

That’s a whole smorgasbord of Apple maneuvers that it is possible launched next week, as the company readies brand-new concoctions for the upcoming holiday patronizing season. But there could still be more surprises up its sleeve. Though a brand-new Apple TV was already launched earlier this year, based on the words California Streaming on the bidding, we’ll probably hear about brand-new demoes coming to TV +. Plus, Bloomberg’s Gurman also wrote in a newsletter that he’s expecting a redesigned MacBook Pro between September and November this year, which wants it could be announced alongside the iPhones. Or maybe Apple is saving that for another event last-minute in the year.

Whatever you might be most interested to see come September 14 th, it’s clear Apple has slew to show off. We’ll be hosting a live demo on the Engadget YouTube channel when the contest is over, so that we can all be disappointed or agitated together with you in real occasion. I hope you’ll come hang with me and UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith and have a little fun then!

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