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What Readers Want During COVID-19: Content Ideas for Every Niche

Posted by amandamilligan

This is a stressful time to say the least. Everything is impacted by COVID-1 9 in some way, including our work.

Once we’ve taken time to acknowledge how lucky we are to work in digital, it’s time to assess if our current content strategy needs any adjusting based on current events.

Many marketers are finding themselves 😛 TAGEND Wanting to write about something topicalNeeding to add more content to their calendarsAt a loss for how to contribute at a time like this

So, I depleted hours working Ubersuggest, putting myself in the shoes of various Americans. I researched a variety of keywords to see which ones have exhibited a trend during the COVID-1 9 outbreak and might authorize some notice from material marketers.

The solutions below are for the word “Coronavirus, ” so for the other keywords linked, I looked for a noticeable spike in the months of January, February, and March to make sure they coincided up accordingly.

My observes divulge potential topic feelings for various primary manufactures. See if any provide inspiration for high-quality content you can create in the coming months.


I’ll start with one of the industries hardest hit by this pandemic: proceed. This was a tough one, as more and more people are understandably opting for driving, accompanying, or biking to get out, and are no longer relying on air travel or public transport as trip-ups and work do nullified. However, I related a few key opportunities.

Wandering policy

While it had an increase in the summer months, interest in the topic of travel insurance has risen back up again. Perhaps those who have to travel want to make sure they’re extended if they get sick, or perhaps those who canceled wandering want to see what their insurance covers.

In either example, people are looking for information about travel insurance and how it can help them.

Train cros

It seems that train travel falls into an ambiguous category that people are asking about. I’m not here to say whether it’s safe or not( as that is obviously not my region of expertise ). As we’ve all listen, it’s best not to travel at all, but perhaps your label is available with some precision in this regard and present alternatives.

Virtual trip

For everyone fixed at home but still grappling with wanderlust, how can they still explore from the couch? Virtual travel seems to be gaining popularity as more parties find themselves stuck at home.

Work and education

In some bags, corporations and class have gone from in-person to virtual roughly overnight. It’s been a huge shakeup across the board, and relevant topics are trending accordingly.


Many kids are dwelling from academy, and their parents are suddenly and accidentally in its own position of teaching them. They’re sure to have a lot of questions! Note how the search level now is the same as the summer months, when kids are also home.

Free online trends

With all strategy basically nullified as a result of “social distancing, ” parties are looking for ways to spend their time at home. If you offer online trends, consider amplifying them and justifying their ethic. If you don’t, consider whether it prepares feel to create one.

Working from residence tips-off

Executives and staff alike are looking for advice on how to improve productivity while working from home, perhaps for the first time. Consider creating content with suggestions on how to set up a home office or maintain the following schedule while dealing with at-home distractions.

How to stay focused

Whether it’s because people are working or studying at home for the first time or because they’re anxious and distracted by the developing occurrences, more and more people are struggling to stay focused. Can your firebrand offering anything by way of motivation or tools for focus and efficiency?


Everyone’s at home either trying to distract themselves from the stressful actuality of the world or looking to cure their apathy. As a make, online amusement is on the increase. Can you furnish the leisure itself, or perhaps steers on how to choose the best entertainment?

Free streaming

We’re stuck with digital for now, and beings are looking for new media to destroy. What can your label support? Too trending: “cheap digital games” and “best multiplayer video games”.

Learn to play piano online

Some folks are using their newfound free time to work on pastimes and abilities they haven’t had the chance to pursue in the past. Can your firebrand teach them anything?

Best online browsing bargains

This is particularly interesting to me. Keyword charges for this term are as high as they were over the holidays. I’m wondering if people who still have disposable income will pass the time online patronize, while others who are more financially affected will cut back, leaving things at a net equal?


Aside from the health and safety of the population, busines trims most to the feelings core of this pandemic. Numerous beings are laid off or can’t work, and fiscal fear is soaring. What are you able do to provide guidance or succour?


Many people are unexpectedly looking to file unemployment, and spate of those people have no idea how to make love, how much money they’ll get, or how to get that message. Informative guides and tips could be hugely helpful in this area.

Budgeting tip-off

With layoffs and pay slashes, people are scrambling to find new ways to save money. Likewise veering with the same graph decisions: “How to invest money wisely” — most likely because of the fluctuating stock market. Can you provide insight?


When antagonisms guide high-pitched, it’s important to pay attention to all the relationships in your life, making several subtopics in this horizontal can be of vital importance.

At home year notions

Couples stuck inside are looking for ways to keep up their romantic lives. Does it make sense for your firebrand to provide dating or relationships gratuities at an unprecedented term like this?

Reconnecting with friends

Physically, we’re all rehearsing social distancing, but we shouldn’t be practically detaching from the people in our lives. It looks a lot like people are wondering if they should take advantage of this free time to reconnect with old friends. Can your label offer advice on the topic, or maybe a meeting for those connections to happen?

How to make your mothers understand how you feel

There are a lot of jokes going around about Gen Zs and Millennials trying to convince their Boomer mothers to stay inside. But the jokes are for a ground: Many beings are having tough communications for the first time with house that they aren’t entirely sure how to navigate. Could you accommodate some supportive tips to approach these gossips?

Health and fitness

Health is, unsurprisingly, a vital category right now. Rather than going into some of the most obvious things( like mitt moving, pas sanitizer, etc .), I’ll try to cover some other favourite topics that might be useful.

How to get health insurance

Similar to “unemployment” above, this is probably a have responded to beings losing their jobs who are now unsure how they can get health insurance. What other concerns might these beings have that you can help with?

Indoor workouts

People might have to stay home, but they’re likewise trying to stay healthy. How can you assist them in this endeavor?

Also trending: “how to start running”, indicating that solitary outdoor exercise is key, too.

How to strengthen immune plan

People are concerned about their health and want to do whatever they can to protect themselves from COVID-1 9. However, merely dive into this subject matter if your label is a legitimate medical professional. False information can detriment lives.

Also trending: “healthy diet”.


Don’t forget about mental health, which is also being affected by the pandemic. People are emphasized, watchful, perturbed, and, well, scared. Does it make sense for your brand to provide guidance on how to emotionally or mentally approach the working day and senility?

Also trending: “meditation”.

Home and family

In many cases, entire pedigrees are at home, every day, for the first time since the kids were aged enough to be in school. That can lead to some interesting challenges.

Natural cleaning concoctions

In an effort to keep the house clean, people may be looking for guidance on the best type of supplies to use. Could you make a list of the most effective produces?

Also trending: “organic cleanse products”.

Family recipes

Everyone’s at home for all their dinners and trying to avoid eateries, so they probably need more recipes in their arsenal. Maybe your employees have favorite family recipes you have been able share with your books.

Games play games with kids

Parents are used to this over the summer, but not when it’s sprung on them for an indefinite period of time. How can your brand give them ideas and tools to entertain their kids while they’re home?

Also trending: “family exchange starters”.


To round out this study, I want to show the results for “uplifting stories.”

If you’re not responsible for delivering smash information or important COVID-1 9 revises, look for opportunities to amplify joy, gratitude, hope, or any other positive sentiment. People are looking for health and safety informs, but they’re looking for inspiration, too.

Consider how any of these topics might apply to your label, do some farther exploring in the Moz Keyword Explorer, and focus on creating a content plan you feel confident in.

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