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Volvo AB and Daimler Trucks team up in hydrogen fuel cell joint venture

Competitors Volvo AB and Daimler Trucks are teaming up to produce hydrogen fuel cells for long-haul trucks, which the companies say will lower growing costs and boost production volumes. The seam endeavour, which is called cellcentric, aims to bring large-scale ” gigafactory ” production levels of hydrogen fuel cadres to Europe by 2025.

While the two companies are teaming up to produce the gasoline cadres via the cellcentric bet, all other aspects of truck production will remain separate. The location of the forthcoming gigafactory will be announced next year. The business also did not identify the production capacity of the forthcoming factory.

Even as Volvo AB and Daimler Trucks exploited ambition-signaling calls like “gigafactory” — a period popularized by Tesla due to the giga capacity of its factories — executives computed a few cautionary caveats to their goal. Europe’s hydrogen economy will depend in part on whether the The european institutions can render a political framework that further drives down costs and invests in refueling depots and other infrastructure, executives noted in a media briefing. In other oaths, makes like Daimler and Volvo that are looking to invest in hydrogen face a” chicken and the egg” trouble: improving oil cell product exclusively does ability if it occurs in tandem with the buildout of a hydrogen system, including refueling terminals, pipelines to bring hydrogen and renewable energy resources to produce it.

“In the long run, I make, this must be a business-driven activity as everything else, ” Volvo CTO Lars Stenqvist told TechCrunch. “But in the first billow, there must be support from our politicians.”

Together with other European truck manufacturers, the two companies are calling for a buildout of hydrogen refueling stations around Europe of around 300 by 2025 and around 1,000 by 2030.

The Swedish and German automakers intimated programs such as a taxation on carbon, incentives for CO2-neutral engineerings or an emissions trading system could all help ensure cost-competitiveness against fossil fuel. Heavy-duty trucking will simply form a fraction of hydrogen demand, around 10%, Stenqvist pointed out, with the rest being used by manufactures such as steel manufacturing and the chemical industry. That signifies the push for hydrogen-supportive programs will likely be heard from other sectors, as well.

Bosch realizes a sit for renewable gas, challenging proposed The european institutions locomotive censor

One of the central challenge for the new enterprise will be working to decrease inefficiencies combined with proselytizing hydrogen to energy. “That’s the core of engineering in trucking, to improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle, ” Stenqvist said. “That has always been in the DNA of architects in our manufacture … energy efficiency will be even more important in an electrified world.” He estimated that the cost of hydrogen would need to be in the range of$ 3-4 per kilogram to make it a cost-effective alternative to diesel.

Volvo is also making investments in battery electric technologies and Stenqvist said he participates potential help disputes for internal combustion locomotives( ICE) keep going renewable biofuels. He is in agreement with Bosch directors who said earlier this month that they appreciate a plaza for ICE in the future. “I’m also convinced that there is a place for the combustion machines for a long period of time, I don’t see any purpose, I don’t see any retirement time for the combustion instruments, ” he said.

“From a political back, I think it would be completely wrong to ban a engineering. Politicians shall not be required to be ban — shall not be required to be approve technologies — they should point out the direction, they should talk about what they want to achieve. And then it’s up to us as operators to come up with the technical solutions.”

What’s fueling hydrogen tech ?

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