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VividQ, which has raised $15M, says it can turn normal screens into holographic displays

VividQ, a UK-based deeptech startup with technology for return holograms on bequest screens, has raised $ 15 million to develop its technology for next-generation digital exposes and machines. And it’s already liner up manufacturing marriages in the US, China and Japan to do it.

The funding round, a Seed extension round, was led by UTokyo IPC, the endeavour financing limb for the University of Tokyo. It was joined by Foresight Williams Technology( a seam collaboration between Foresight Group and Williams Advanced Engineering ), Japanese Miyako Capital, APEX Ventures in Austria, and the R42 Group VC out of Stanford. Previous investors University of Tokyo Edge Capital, Sure Valley Ventures, and Essex Innovation also participated.

The funding will be used to scale VividQ’s HoloLCD technology, which, claims the company, turns consumer-grade screens into holographic displays.

Founded in 2017, VividQ has already worked with ARM, and other partners, including Compound Photonics, Himax Engineering, and iView Displays.

The startup is aiming its technology at Automotive HUD, head-mounted showings( HMDs ), and smart-alecky glass with a Computer-Generated Holography that projects” actual 3D personas with genuine penetration of orbit, moving exposes most natural and immersive for users.” It also says it discovered during a behavior to turn ordinary LCD screens into holographic displays.

“Scenes we are familiar from films, from Iron Man to Star Trek, are becoming closer to reality than ever ,” Darran Milne, co-founder and CEO of VividQ, said.” At VividQ, we are on a mission to bring holographic presentations to the world for the first time. Our mixtures help bring innovative display produces to the automotive industry, improve AR ordeals, and soon will change how we treated with personal manoeuvres, such as laptops and mobiles.”



Mikio Kawahara, main speculation officer of UTokyo IPC, said, “The future of display is holography. The demand for improved 3D idols in real-world decideds is growing across the whole display industry. VividQ’s makes will conclude the future dreams of numerous customer electronics customs a reality.”

Hermann Hauser, APEX Ventures’ advisor, and co-founder of Arm contributed: “Computer-Generated Holography recreates immersive estimations that possess the same 3D datum as the world around us. VividQ has the potential to change how humen interact with digital information.”

Speaking on a scold with me, Milne supplemented: “We have employed information and communication technologies on gaming laptops that can actually make make use of holographic displays on a standard LCD screen. So you know the image is actually spreading out of the screen. We don’t use any visual deceit .”

” When “theyre saying” holograms, what we mean is a hologram is essentially an instruction set that tells glowing how to behave. We calculate that gist algorithmically and then present that to the eye, so it’s indistinguishable from a real object. It’s entirely natural as well. Your intelligence and your visual organization are unable to distinguish it from something real because you’re literally giving your eyes the same information that reality does, so there’s no trickery in the normal sense, ” he said.

If this works, it could certainly be a transformation, and I can see it being married very well with technology like UltraLeap.

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