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VCs hunt for platform opportunities in ‘hyper-casual’ gaming

There are billions of gamers on countries around the world, and even as gaming consoles and maneuvers grow more powerful, there’s a good deal of investor notice being paid to so-called ” hyper-casual” plays that likely have had an opportunity to sent on decades-old hardware.

Simplicity has never been something to take for granted in game design, but as scheme tools have gotten easier to use, a larger group of game pioneers has entered the fray. Many popular tournaments have introduced” pioneer modes” to pique user appetites, but this has rose alongside the introduction of dedicated tool that enable amateur makes to become miniature studios.

This past week, I chitchatted with David Lau-Kee, general partner at London Venture Partners, about opportunities in the game development industry for less-experienced game founders to build entitles that find an audience. His firm closed an $80 million store last September to invest in early-stage gaming startups.

“[ Hyper-casual] is a very elegant veer in the demographics of coming tournaments into the sides of people who weren’t traditional gamers who want very low on-boarding so they can get directly into the game ,” Lau-Kee says.” The challenge with that for us is that, you are well aware, as a make in hyper-casual tournaments, you can have a great business, but it might not be a VC-investable opportunity .”

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