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Utah tech magnates create new Silicon Slopes Venture Fund to boost startups in the state

Those looking outside of Silicon Valley as a possible hub for their startup might want to take a gander at Utah, at least that’s the kind of trend the brand-new Silicon Slopes Venture Fund hopes to create.

The newly formed fund, put together by Qualtrics co-founder Ryan Smith, Omniture and Domo founder Josh James and Stance co-founder turned Pelion Venture Partners’ Jeff Kearl, pledges to invest only in Utah-based startups. The goal? To become every bit as remarkable as a16z or Sequoia Capital.

Qualtrics co-founder Ryan Smith and Domo and Omniture founder Josh James onstage at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit.

” I grown up in the Bay Area ,” Kearl told TechCrunch of the energy he feels in the district.” This feels like the 1990 s in the Bay Area. You can find hundreds of open activities up and down the Wasatch Front .”

Utah has a reputation as a primarily religious, republican and sleepy ridge sphere for outdoors fanatics, but tech has fast become the leading job sector in the mood, with some salaries from corporations like Adobe and Qualtrics rivaling those in Silicon Valley. The commonwealth recently donated a move to include at least one computer science course in every high school in the position by 2022. It also only hosted a big, 25,000 person startup fair called the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. The peak viewed a Utah state governor’s debate and both Steve Case and Mark Zuckerberg am speaking on stage.

It’s unclear how much the fund has set aside for its mission to help Utah become a full-fledged tech ecosystem match Silicon Valley but one would imagine it would have a sizable sum to invest, if, as Smith tells TechCrunch, it is to help Utah’s up-and-coming startups go all the way from seed theatre to IPO.

” I want to see fellowships get even bigger than Qualtrics … and do it in this state ,” Smith said. Qualtrics sold to SAP in 2019 for$ 8 billion , notably the most important one private enterprise software handled in tech history.

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020 Gubernatorial Debate

One of the many issues tech hubs around the world face is both the networking capabilities and the ability to invest after the early stage investment. Most startups throughout the globe still find the need to travel and stimulate alliances in Silicon Valley to get them through the next step of swelling. This has been true-life for every billion-dollar startup idea in Utah as well so far. Both Smith and James took in Silicon Valley go for their companies, as did unicorn turned public edtech startup Pluralsight and the recently rebranded sales scaffold Xant( formerly InsideSales) before obliging it big.

However, this new fund represents the kind of push needed to create a strong innovation ecosystem in the future, as Steve Case already mentioned stagecoach at the summit incident this last week.” Venture capitalists are scheduled for consideration by’ what’s happening in the Silicon Slopes’ and make sure it’ is happening other places ‘, ” Utah newspaper Deseret News rephrased the AOL founder as saying.

Pelion Venture Partners, which operates in both Utah and Southern California, will act as a support efforts to Silicon Slopes Venture Fund, stipulating managerial overhead. Each collaborator will still keep their day job and give most fees to support the ongoing operation of the non-profit tech organization, Silicon Slopes, which flows the annual tech top of the same moniker. However, the Silicon Slopes Venture Fund will be an independent store from Pelion, with the sole purpose of investing in deal flow the three partners find through their respective networks within the state.

” I used to dislike the call’ a rising tide promotes all crafts’ because I want to be the only boat ,” James told TechCrunch.” But I truly think it applies here for what we are trying to do[ in Utah ].”

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