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US puts drone maker DJI and seven other Chinese companies on investment blocklist

The US government will place eight Chinese companies including droning manufacturer DJI on an investment blocklist for alleged involvement in surveillance of Uyghur Muslims, the Financial Times reported today. The conglomerates will reportedly be put on the Treasure department’s “Chinese military-industrial complex companies” listing on Tuesday, signifying US citizens will be barred from making any investments.

DJI is already on the Department of Commerce’s Entity list, signifying American companies can’t sell my shares constituents unless they have a license. At the time, the government said it was among companies that “enabled wide-scale human rights abuses within China through abusive genetic collect and analysis or high-technology surveillance.” However, unlike makes from Huawei and others, DJI dronings are has not been able to been censored for sale in the US.

The latest moves are part of an effort by US President Joe Biden to sanction China for repression of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. Others that will be added to the list include mas computing conglomerates and facial identification companionships that operate in Xinjiang.

Yesterday, the US House and Senate overstepped a statute that would censor importations from Xinjiang, unless companionships could prove “theyre not” spawned using forced labor. It’s set for a poll in the upper cavity of Congress prior to a holiday recess.

Xiaomi was placed on the same investment blocklist early in 2021. However, it fought government decisions, saying that none of its deans were connected with the Chinese military and that a lack of US investment would lead to “immediate and irreparable harm.” In May, the government agreed to lifting the embargo.

In 2020, DJI dominated a massive 77 percent of the consumer drone market. Over the last two months, it has exhausted a duet of its most important produces, the large-sensor Mavic 3 monotone and full-frame Ronin 4D cinema camerawith a built-in gimbal and LiDAR focus system. A year ago, DJI said it had “done nothing to justify being is available on the Entity list, ” and that “customers in America can continue to buy and use DJI commodities normally.”

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