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Add the United Kingdom to the list of nations that says an artificial intelligence can’t be legally credited as an inventor. Per the BBC, the UK Court of Appeal recently ruled against Dr. Stephen Thaler in a case involving the country’s Intellectual Property Office. In 2018, Thaler entered two patent applications in which he didn’t list himself as the developer of the abilities mentioned in the documents. Instead, he put down his AI DABUS and said the patent should go to him “by ownership of the ingenuity machine.”

The Intellectual Property Office told Thaler he had to list a real person on the lotion. When he didn’t do that, the agency decided he had withdrawn from the process. Thaler took the speciman to the UK’s High Court. The mas governed against him, leading to the eventual appeal. “Only a person can have rights. A machine cannot, ” Lady Justice Elisabeth Laing of the Appeal Court wrote in her arbitration. “A patent is a statutory right and it can only be granted to a person.”

Thaler has filed similar legal challenges in other countries, and the results so far have been desegregated. In August, a judge in Australia ruled inventions been established by an AI can qualify for a patent. However, only earlier this month, US District Judge Leonie M Brinkema defended a decision by the US Patent and Trademark Office that said “only natural persons may be referred as an founder in a patent application.” Judge Brinkema said there may eventually be a time when AI becomes sophisticated enough to satisfy the accepted definitions of inventorship, but observed, “that time has not yet arrived, and, if it does, it will be up to Congress to decide how, if at all, it wants to expand the scope of patent law.”

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