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Ubisoft has barely sold any Ghost Recon NFTs

Ubisoft recently launched the Quartz NFT platform as a route to monetize recreation assets, something that didn’t exactly go over well with either customers or employees. Now, it appears that the effort is a financial bust still further, too, as the company reportedly sold merely 15 NFTs of a Ghost Recon Breakpoint artillery scalp as of yesterday, Eurogamer reported. It appears to have sold two more M4A1 tactical weapons and one “Wolf Enhance Pants #76” for a total of eighteen as of today.

Apex Legends major attribute craftsman Liz Edwards tweeted that she looked at the two third-party marketplaces linked to the Quartz places “and there seems to be … 15 marketings in total? ” That works out to about $1,755.30 in revenue, as Eurogamer mentioned. As of today, Ubisoft appears to have minted about somewhere north of 3,000 NFTs.

am i understanding this right? ubisoft managed to make an nft that not even nft fans require? because that is very terribly very funny

— Liz Edwards (@ lizaledwards) December 20, 2021

Ubisoft propelled the first three Ghost Recon Breakpoint Editions for free, with the weapon necessary XP Level 4, the helmet greater than 600 hours of toy occasion, and the gasps at least 100 hours of frolic duration. Those went pretty quickly and the claim period purposed, so the only way to get them now is to pay.

As some analysts have pointed out, Breakpoint doesn’t have “the worlds largest” alluring visual aesthetic, so it seems an quirky hand-picked to kick off an NFT for visual collectibles. On the other hand, Ubisoft may have been merely dipping its toe into the water with one of its less high-profile, though still popular dealerships.

For the minimum coin rallied so far, nonetheless, the effort may have done more harm than good. Ubisoft apparently alienated its own French trade union, which called NFTs “a useless, costly, ecologically humiliating tech.”

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