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Twenty times we got a good look at Silicon Valley’s dark side

How green was my valley? Not very. A timeline of tech world malfeasance.

Companies in Silicon Valley have pioneered personal computers, smartphones, biotech, and more. But perhaps the greatest creation of technology industry located between in the Santa Clara Valley between San Francisco and San Jose is its image as the engine of progress for both the United States and the world. The Valley’s denizens started to cultivate this perception even before the transistor and integrated circuit gave birth to the semiconductor industry in the 1950s and 1960s. But for almost as long as Silicon Valley has been an idea, there’s been evidence of the kind of bad ideas, bad faith, and rapacious greed more associated with much of the rest of the business world. With the confluence of recent events shining a harsher light on Silicon Valley and its influence on society at large, consider just 20 times(!) when news broke that the ideals Silicon Valley likes to promote about itself may be built on sand.

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