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TRACED Act signed into law, putting robocallers on notice

The Pallone-Thrune TRACED Act, a bipartisan flake of legislation that should draw life more difficult for the scoundrels behind robocalls, was signed into law today by the president. It’s still possible to get things done in D.C. after all!

We’ve treated the TRACED Act several times previously, as robocalls are, in addition to being horribly disturbing, a uniquely disturbing high-tech threat. Using clever targeting and spoofing technology, scammers are arranging millions of labels that at best chafe and at worst take advantage of the vulnerable.

The brand-new regulation won’t discontinue that practice overnight, but it does add some useful tools to regulators’ toolboxes. Here’s how I summarized the bill’s clauses earlier this month 😛 TAGEND

Provides FCC’s statute of limitations on robocall offenses and growths possible fines Requires an FCC rulemaking assistant protect consumers from spam calls and texts( this is already underway) Requires annual FCC report on robocall enforcement and allows for it to formally recommend legislation Necessary following on a reasonable timeline of the STIR/ SHAKEN framework for preventing announce spoofing Impede carriers from accusing for the above service, and shields them from drawback for tolerable corrects Requires the us attorney general to gather an interagency task force to look at prosecution of wrongdoers Opens the door to Justice Department prosecution of convicts Establishes a handful of specific cutouts and studies to make sure the rules work and interested gatherings are giving feedback

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was talkative in his homage in a statement 😛 TAGEND

I applaud Congress for working in a bipartisan mode to combat illegal robocalls and malicious caller ID spoofing. And I thank the President and Congress for the additional tools and flexible that this law opens us. Exclusively, I am glad that the agency now has a longer statute of limitations during which we are unable to prosecute scammers and I welcome the elimination of a previously-required warning we had to give to illegitimate robocallers before prescribing tough penalties.

And I thank the American parties for never giving us forget how fed up they are with scam, spoofed robocalls. It’s their articulations that power our never-ceasing push to fight back against the scourge of robocalls and malicious spoofing.

The FCC is limited in what it can do, and even major penalties like this $ 120 million one have had a imperceptible result on the nefarious industry.” Like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon ,” said Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel at the time.

Here’s hoping the TRACED Act amounts to more than a bigger spoon. We’ll find out as regulators and the mobile industry grow into their brand-new capabilities and begin the long process of actually applying them to the problem. It may take months or more to see any real abatement, but at least we’re do concrete steps.

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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