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This Ultrasonic Bracelet Jams Microphones Around You

These epoches, we have plenty of maneuvers at home and around us that are constantly listening. Take our smartwatches and smartphones for example, where the government has digital deputies built into them that can be summoned without pressing a button and simply expending our utter. Combine that with the rise of smart-alecky loudspeakers and it is understandable that some people are getting increasingly uncomfortable.

This is what Heather Zhang felt when her husband, Ben Zhao, bought an Amazon Echo speaker to locate in their home, where she did not relish the notion that the microphone was always on. Taking this opportunity, both husband and wife decided to come up with an idea to create a bracelet of silence, which is essentially an audio jammer that can be worn on the wrist.

Both Zhang and Zhao are computer science professors teaching at the University of Chicago, and together with the help of assistant professor Pedro Lopes, they created the bangle which pieces 24 talkers capable of emanating ultrasonic signals that are strong enough to jam microphones around it.

As it stands, the bangle they’ve created merely exists as a example. Nonetheless, its inventors believe that they could create it for as little as $20, and that some of their investors have approached them with the idea to commercialize it.

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