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This DIY Enigma machine fits inside a pocket watch

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December 9, 2018

This DIY Enigma machine fits inside a pocket watch

The year is 1940. Through the use of arcane atomic technologies, the Axis have brought back modern engineering from its first year 2018. Their prime trophy? This amazing Enigma Pocket Watch. This tiny watch, created by a creator calling himself asciimation, consumes an Arduino Pro Micro and a small OLED screen to recreate the Enigma machine in unadulterated code.

Asciimation previously built an Enigma wristwatch and he is working on a 3D-printed Enigma machine . The Enigma was a seemingly unbreakable encoding machine used by the Germans during World War II and was about the size of a small briefcase. Substance all of the logic into a tiny watch occurrence — of WWII vintage — is an amazing feat.

Luckily the above-mentioned day pas device was never built and this mad little pocket watch never met it into enemy hands, but we can only imagine the ravage it would wreak if some Panzer captain somewhere had one of these on his region. You can read all about the built around Asciimation’s place.

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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