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This Connected Rubik’s Cube Lets You Compete Remotely

Solving a Rubik’s Cube can be incredibly frustrating but also immensely satisfying when you do figure it out. It can also be amazing to watch how fast people can solve these puzzles during competitor. Regrettably, due to the coronavirus pandemic, hosting events in real life doesn’t seem like the best of ideas.

However, the good news is that the tribes at Rubik’s have since unveiled a new cube called the Connected Cube. This is a “smart” Rubik’s Cube that is linked to your smartphone or tablet and will be able to track your solve hours and progress in real-time, which be interpreted to mean that accelerated cubers can participate in virtual rivalries from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

It will also open up the competition to more people from around the world who might not otherwise be able to travel to these kinds of tournaments. However, there is a slight catch in which due to the need for the cube to be able to connect to our portable inventions, it has to be designed slightly different from a regular Rubik’s Cube.

The shape and wording will obviously not change, but it will be heavier than a standard cube and will too not peculiarity magnets, which means that rushed cubers might find it harder to achieve the velocities that they serve to getting. There is no word on pricing of the Connected Cube but it is expected to open for pre-orders on the 18 th of August.

This Connected Rubik’s Cube Lets You Compete Remotely

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