The Sims Will Be Getting Its Own Reality TV Show

Many of you might be familiar with EA’s The Sims. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s mostly a game where you create attributes in a virtual life, control them, and live out your myth life, kind of. It is a fun game, but for whatever reason, it seems that EA has deemed that it might actually be worth launching a Tv show around it.

Dubbed Spark’d, this will be a reality TV show where it will task parties to create reputations, world-wides, and fibs in The Sims game in hopes of walking away with a $100,00 reward. According to EA, “For decades, diverse novelists have been telling millions of tales in The Sims, inspired by their own lives and limitless creativity. Now, the challenger is underway as twelve Seethes take on timed creativity challenges to build personas, lives, and narratives in the hopes of impressing the judges–and winning the $100,000 prize.”

It sounds like an interesting premise, although how entertaining it might be remains to be seen. It likewise seems to highlight the growing interest in watching people play video games, so if you’ve enjoyed watching live torrents of beings playing games, then this could be interesting to you as well. The first chapter will premiere on the 17 th of July at 11 pm ET/ PT on TBS, and will also be available through BuzzFeed Multiplayer on the 20 th of July at 8AM.

The Sims Will Be Getting Its Own Reality TV Show

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