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The rhythm therapy massager wants to soothe your muscles *and* your mind

TL ;D R: As of Dec. 7, get a Lyric Massager, a rub gun designed to vibrate at frequencies that tighten the mind, for $199.95 with free shipping and a one-year warranty.

By 2025, one in every 3 Americans will be wearing a fitness tracker. The busines for mobile state apps around the world is expected to outdid $102 billion by 2023.

Health tech is now putting an individual’s wellness squarely in their own hands, affording useds the ability to track and consider some of their own health questions themselves. It’s also offering designs to serve as rectifies, affording solace, succour, and loosening when other more traditional methods fail.

Lyric’s rhythm therapy massager is one of those brand-new tech wellness innovators, a muscle massager that not only works to break up knotted, tired muscles, but was created with the aim to help calm your thinker as well.

The Lyric wants to help users find the pattern of their own wellness. The intelligent self-care companion integrates stroke and flow with vibroacoustic frequencies to create rhythm therapy. Unlike percussive massage artilleries the above issues their rat-a-tat-tat mono-frequency or “flat line” pounding to soothe fomented or tired muscles, the Lyric takes a more holistic coming. It emits a wavelike pattern that tides and pullings back to feel like a natural rhythm.

The idea is to not only break up tightness and encourage muscle convalescence, but to tighten the subconsciou as well, may be required for a pleasant, delightful and nonaggressive rub experience that feels good and promotes positive wellbeing.

The Lyric syncs to any smartphone or tablet, but it’s all controllable through the device’s easy-to-use touchscreen, so you’re never fumbling with both the Lyric and telephone while you’re trying to use it. Users can use the screen to select their guided therapy, then tell the massager do the rest.

Purchase a Lyric for $199.95 and get free shipping and a free one-year warranty.

Dusty blue massage gun with stand

Credit: Lyric

Lyric Massager

$199.95 at Lyric

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