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The Pentagon pushes back on Huawei ban in bid for ‘balance’

Huawei may have just experienced itself an ally in the most unexpected of places. According to a new report out of The Wall street Journal, both the Defense and Treasury Agency are propagandizing back on a Commerce Department-led ban on sales from the embattled Chinese hardware giant.

That move, in turn, was allegedly passed Commerce Department officials to withdraw a proposal set to make it even more difficult for U.S.-based companies to work with Huawei.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper struck a fittingly pragmatic color while speaking with the present working paper , noting, “We have to be conscious of sustaining those[ technology] companies’ supply chains and those innovators. That’s the balance there is a requirement to strike.”

Huawei indicts FCC over’ unconstitutional’ injunction on the use of federal subsidies to buy its equipment

Huawei, previously under shell for allegations of spurning sanctions with non-eu countries, has become a centerpiece of a simmering busines campaign between the Trump White House and China. The smartphone maker has been barred from selling 5G networking gear due to concerns over its close ties to the Chinese government.

Last year, meanwhile, the government disallowed Huawei from exploiting software and constituents from U.S.-based companionships, including Google. Huawei is also expected to be a key talking item in upcoming White House discussions, as officials weigh acts against the repercussions they’ll eventually have for U.S. partners.

The Commerce Department has yet to offer any official announcement related to the report.

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