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The Morning After: The premium toaster maker that’s launching a smartphone

I’ve been preoccupied with Balmuda’s fancy toaster for years. As some readers might know, I used to live in Japan while working for Engadget, and I’d browse around electronics superstores like Yodobashi Camera and Yamada Denki, gawping at high-level cameras, weird 3DS activities that they are able to never make it to the West and touring floorings upon floors of home appliances and contraptions. There are entire shop floor dedicated to rice cookers, sea boilers and the rest. And it is amazing.

Balmuda’s premium toaster oven was the apex, though. Fortunately, the company’s steam-based toaster has spawned it to the US in recent years and now, for $329, you can have the fluffiest slices of toasted bread you can imagine. But for those in Japan, Balmuda has now announced its first-ever smartphone.

The Morning AfterBalmuda

It’s a petite invention with a full-HD 4.9 -inch display. The company teamed up with Kyocera to create the Android device, which has 5G and wireless billing. It comes with a 48 -megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and a fingerprint sensor. The Balmuda Phoneis powered by a Snapdragon 765 processor and, as you might tell, the device packs relatively middleweight specs. The fellowship may be banking on its payment status to persuade smartphone shoppers.

At the moment, the company doesn’t have plans to release the phone outside Japan.

— Mat Smith

Fender’s latest Acoustasonic hybrid guitar is almost affordableThe brand-new guitar is for younger musicians.The Morning AfterFender

Fender’s acoustic-electric hybrid guitars are technological marvels — with a price to reflect that. Now, the instrument brand has unveiled its $1,200 Acoustic Player Telecaster with a simpler design with a three-way voice selector( versus five on other modelings) and one combination knob.

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Google Cloud outage made down Spotify, Snapchat, Etsy and moreAnd hitherto Gmail and Hangouts were working fine, ugh.

A Google Cloud networking issue made down a handful of foremost websites late yesterday, including Spotify, Snapchat, Etsy and Discord. As one colleague set it: “Annoyed that my amusing nonsense is down, but Slack remains miraculously up, as does other handiwork stuff.” Google announced the issue was partially resolved as of 1:17 PM ET but a full tie didn’t arise until around 3:15 PM ET. Google said it “will publish an analysis of this incident, once we have completed our internal investigation.”

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Activision Blizzard laborers walk out and expect CEO Bobby Kotick’s abdicationA brand-new report says Kotick knew about the company’s sexual harassment difficulties for years.

Employees at Activision Blizzard are calling for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick following new revealings about the character he may have played in creating the lethal workplace culture that has mired the company. A Wall Street Journal report delineated Kotick’s handling of the sexual harassment lawsuit from California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing( DFEH ). The newspaper claimed Kotick not only knew about many of the worst instances of abuse at the company, but in a number of cases, he may have also played to protect hires accused of harassment.

“We have instituted our own Zero Tolerance Policy, ” Activision Blizzard employee advocacy group A Better ABK said on Twitter after the report came out. “We will not be stillness until Bobby Kotick has been replaced as CEO and continue to hold our original demand for Third-Party review by an employee-chosen source.”

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Microsoft is accelerating progress its Windows 11 rolloutThe update is now more broadly available.The Morning AfterEngadget

Having slowly flattened out its OS update to the most powerful( and up-to-date) PCs, Microsoft is accelerating the rollout of Windows 11, making it more generally accessible. required your system is running version 2004 or later of Windows 10 and you recently set the September 14 th, 2021 servicing revise Microsoft exhausted, you can now upgrade immediately to Windows 11. When Microsoft firstly secreted the new OS on October 4th, the company said it expected to offer the upgrade to all eligible inventions by mid-2 022.

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Roku now has an 8K canal for TCL TVsIt’ll boast a library of ultra-high definition nature documentary videos.

Roku’s contributed its first premium 8K path to its programme: The Explorers. The only 8K Roku TVs on the market right now are from TCL, in 65 – and 75 -inch formats. TCL first demo off the TV at Ce, and would you know it, the next CES is just around the corner. I’m sure there are more 8K TVs waiting to be revealed in January.

Ultra-high-definition premium content from The Explorer( which also offers free material through its direct) will typically payment$ 3/ month. A tenth of that reward is likely to be bequeathed to The Explorers Foundation, which aims to preserve biodiversity. The direct will too offer 8K material at a time when it’s still rare. YouTube remains the main place for 8K footage.

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