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Like a band with too few reached singles, the The european institutions is resorting to playing the classics over and over again. The faction has, like clockwork, submitted a proposal for legislators to be considered perhaps perhaps hold a debate about if it’s worth creating a common bill standard.

This has happened more than a few seasons before, as it pushed micro-USB as a voluntary standard in 2009 and tried to pass it into constitution in 2014. And in 2018. And it started this process again in January 2020, although some world-shattering event get in the way of that process.

The new project would require that “all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable loudspeakers and handheld video game consoles” would use USB-C for billing. The law would also “unbundle” the sale of chargers from designs as a route of reducing e-waste.

EU officials are also proposing for engineering manufacturers to harmonize their fast accusing engineering to ensure continuity between machines. Officials added that such harmonization would avoid “different makes unjustifiably[ limiting] the blame speed” which isn’t really the issue here.

Naturally, the self-evident target for this is Apple, which has already come out against the proposal. Perhaps it is likely to be this, rather than anything else, that stimulus the arrival of the long-rumored portless iPhone.

This proposal may, like its precedes, wind up scooted against the rock-and-rolls of politics never to listen to from again. But, even though they are it does replaced, the transition period is going to be sufficiently long that no firm needs to worry about this being some sort of cruel surprise.

-Dan Cooper

California governor signalings warehouse productivity quota money into regulationIt aims to eliminate the worst of Amazon’s warehouse policies.

California governor Gavin Newsom has signed AB-7 01 into regulation, a proposal which aims to regulate productivity quotas for storehouse employees. Inspired by the horror fibs of good care coming out of Amazon’s logistics facilities, the law will draw quotums most transparent. Workers will likewise be able to say no to doing piece which isn’t in compliance with health and safety laws and can’t be fired for failing to meet an unsafe quota. The ordinance, which comes into force on January 1st, 2022, could improve the quality of life for thousands of works. Or not.

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‘Flying’ microchips could razz high winds to move air pollutionThe chips are the size of a cereal of sand.Flying ChipsNature

Northwest University’s John Rogers is back in the headlines after his unit developed a microchip the size of a speck of beach. The crew say that the microchip, which could be made from biodegradable substances, would be carried on the wind like a cottonwood seed. It’s hoped that the microchips will host sensors which is able track air pollution or the spread of airborne cancers. If the team can work out the cricks in the relevant recommendations, the chips could become vital tools for environmental monitoring in the future.

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What liberties does an evil sentient computer have on Star Trek ?‘Lower Decks’ toy around with the knottiest of philosophical problems.Lower DecksCBS

Humanity has yet to satisfactorily answer the question about how many titles, if any, an artificial intelligence deserves to have. It’s an issue that the latest episode of Lower Decks blows the curious raspberry toward during its recent escapade. Mariner and Boimler wind up babysitting a sinister AI on its way to the Daystrom institute, with plenty of time to consider the issues. Or not, as it is, after all, an animated sitcom. Once you’ve watched the episode, however, come check out Kris Naudus’ deep dive into the episode, the foreground of which is the return of Star Trek legend Jeffrey Combs to the series that adores him “the worlds largest”. Kris also took a deep dive into this week’s episodes of Marvel’s What If and Star Wars: Visions if that’s more your sort of thing.

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Razer’s Kaira X is a lower-cost headset for console gamersIf you want to save money, adopt the wire.RazerRazer

Razer has launched a cheaper form of its favourite Kaira gaming headset that furrows the wireless connectivity to save money. The Kaira X expenses $60, down from the $100 of its older sibling, and carries with a 3.5 mm cable for associate to your console of alternative. Otherwise, nonetheless, you’ll still get the same 50 mm “TriForce” drivers, cardioid boom mic and on-headset insures. If there’s one other compromise, it’s in the colorways: The PlayStation-compatible version is only shipping in a meet( and highly fetching) monochrome.

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