The Morning After: Our verdict on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3

We’ll get into Samsung’s bigger foldable below, but first let’s talk about a brand-new, various kinds of, PS5. You might have struggled to get a PS5, though anecdotal evidence hints a good deal of us have been able to find consoles as accumulates stock up, but that hasn’t stopped Sony sneaking out a somewhat new simulate. Harmonizing to a teardown of the digital( no disc-drive) PlayStation 5 by Austin Evans, there seems to be a smaller, lighter heatsink and a new pin to attach the console to its stand.

So no, this isn’t like the smaller PlayStation consoles the company likes to roll out during a console’s midlife — it’s way too early for that. It does show that the company is looking for ways to shave production costs and get these consoles into profitability.

Interestingly, Sony already stated it’s selling the disc-based PS5 at a profit. Games consoles generally sell at a loss for the first couple of years after launching. Hopefully, that smaller heatsink will still manage the bigger, more lavish deeds on their way to the PS5.

— Mat Smith

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 inspectDoing the most and more not enoughA Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 on a table with an S Pen Pro in front of it.David Imel for Engadget

The Z Fold 3 is an impressively refined foldable, with water-resistant hardware that feels sturdier than before. It offers nifty S Pen support — important when this is a fallow year for Samsung’s Galaxy Note series — smoother screens, competent cameras and some supportive software. Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low, however, isn’t relatively sold. Using its outside screen as a regular smartphone remains awkward, and its internal flaunt — a technical wonder — isn’t immense for informal texting or browsing.

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A $ 600 e-ink typewriter inches an Engadget editor towards writing a novelBut the Freewrite’s expenditure and oddities make it impossible for most.The Freewrite standalone word processor with keyboard sits on an office desktop.Nathan Ingraham/ Engadget

News Editor Nathan Ingraham is looking to flex his imaginative writing knowledge, and the Freewrite cured him do exactly that, evading all distractions combined with writing( well, typing) on PCs.

The Freewrite integrates a mechanical keyboard with an e-ink display and is intended solely for drafting text. There aren’t even arrow keys, so revising anything more than a few texts back is a non-starter. It has WiFi, so you can sync your drawings to Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote, but that’s about the only concession it realizes to the internet age.

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Apple Watch Series 7 will reportedly offer bigger the circumstances and screensNew watch faces may take advantage of the bigger displays.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims Apple’s Watch Series 7 will come in larger 41 mm and 45 mm contingency sizes( up from 40 mm and 44 mm) with bigger screens to parallel. As with the Series 4 propel, when the watch faces likewise converted, there will reportedly be brand-new watch faces to take advantage of the included visual real estate.

Apple ordinarily modernizes its smartwatches alongside its iPhones in September. In short, it won’t be long before we know if the rumors are true.

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Google apparently offered Netflix a special discount on Play Store rewardsIt might also have billed more than necessary.

A freshly unsealed buyer prosecution against Google alleges the company offered to take a “significantly reduced” trimmed of Netflix’s Play Store revenue to quash the stream giant’s “displeasure.” Netflix, Spotify and Tinder all supposedly try our best to get around the requirement to use Play Store’s in-house billing system, and distributes like this were meant to keep Netflix squandering Google’s pay platform.

The same filing also includes a claim that Google’s regular receipt share is arbitrary. The corporation frequently asks for a 30 percent cut of Play Store purchases, but it apparently could break even with a merely six percentage. Internal communications hint Google chose the 30 percent share for no reason “other than copying Apple, ” according to the lawsuit.

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