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The Morning After: Locast’s local TV streaming service loses legal protections

Locast, a company that claimed to improve access to neighbourhood TV terminals for people who can’t get the signal via traditional means, has been handled a setback by a New York Court. It lost a courtroom battle with CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox, which said the company was infringing copyright. Deadline reports the group’s request for summary judgment was granted, and it couldn’t use its non-profit status as a justification against further action.

The nonprofit streaming service is funded in part by AT& T Inc and Dish Network Corp, and the lawsuit said the service cured AT& T and Dish avoid paying to carry broadcast content.

It all reiterates 2014 when broadcasters accused Aereo of intellectual property rights infraction. Aereo rented physical antennae that offered neighbourhood channels and a vapour DVR service that streamed to smartphones, tablets and PCs. Broadcasters and the federal government claimed it was a violation of copyright law, as it technically rebroadcast content from the airwaves. Aereo was forced to pay broadcasters $950,000.

Oh, and it’s worth noting, as the lawsuit continues, that Locast’s founder, David Goodfriend, saw the service after Aereo was forced to close.

— Mat Smith

SpaceX says Amazon is trying to delay Starlink because it can’t emulateFights in space! View of an antenna of the Starlink satellite internet at the Jhon F. Kennedy school in Sotomo, Los Lagos Region in southern Chile, on August 8, 2021. - South African billionaire Elon Mask's SpaceX company's Starlink started to deliver internet access Friday in Chile, making it the first country in Latin America and the southern hemisphere to have access to this experimental service. (Photo by Pablo COZZAGLIO / AFP) (Photo by PABLO COZZAGLIO/AFP via Getty Images)PABLO COZZAGLIO via Getty Images

Yesterday, SpaceX told the FCC that Amazon is purposefully trying to delay proposals for its Starlink satellite internet service because Amazon still can’t compete with its own satellite solution, Kuiper Plan. A same ailment led NASA to throw SpaceX’s lunar lander contract on hold. SpaceX says Amazon is forgetting “to resolve the Commission’s concerns about[ its] own non-geostationary orbit( “NGSO”) satellite system.”

Amazon last week advocated the FCC to accept SpaceX’s recommendation for Starlink, claiming it broke the agency’s guidelines by offering two separate configurations for its satellite internet.

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Google is reportedly appoint its own ARM-based Chromebook processorsAnd they were able released in 2023.

According to a report from Nikkei Asia, the company is developing processors for Chrome OS-powered laptops and tablets in-house. The tech heavyweight has hired chipping technologists from all over the world, including endowment from its suppliers like Intel and Qualcomm. It also recently announced its own mobile chip, Tensor, would debut on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Samsung’s Neo QLED 4K TVs now come in very large( and very small) sizesYou are also welcome to get an 85 -inch version of The Frame.Samsung Neo QLED QN90A 4K TVSamsung

Samsung has introduced multiple brand-new sizes for some of its premium rectifies. The Neo QLED 4K QN90A series is now available in a huge 98 -inch version (8 5 inches was the previous flower) alongside relatively minuscule 43 – and 50 -inch simulations. In short-lived, more alternatives at both ends of the TV width spectrum.

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Must-have gear to clear traveling with kids easierHanding over your iPad isn’t your simply option.

Traveling with little ones can be traumatic because they rely so much better on their established routines; anything that deviants from that is going to be hard for them and you. But there are a few subterfuges and gadgets to help. Amber Bouman goes us through some impressions for teenagers and parents.

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‘No Man’s Sky’ gets alien agreements you can take charge ofYou can resolve disputes between residents and hear what they’re thinking about.No Man's SkyHello Games

After a rocky start, No Man’s Sky is rolling into its fifth anniversary with its 17 th major update. The infinite journey game’s Frontiers update computes alien agrees you can take charge of and power however you like. You’ll be able to see the population’s overall happiness stage, earn income from the town and gain insight into the intentions and supposes of residents.

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