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The Lumos Matrix is the ideal urban bike helmet for a smarter, safer day trip

With many of us are still more or less confined to our own the house and limited social seats for the foreseeable future, and for a great deal of you, that contributing to a rediscovery of the raptures of biking. Bike riding is a great way to spend time outdoors exploring your own town or municipal, and if you’re just getting into exploring this pastime, or if you’re a long-time bike rider looking for an upgrade, the Lumos Matrix smart helmet is a sensible slouse of tech with a solid design that mixes a number of connected features into one enormous package.

The basics

The Matrix is a version of Lumos’ smart helmet revised with modern, city helmet aesthetics and a brand-new massive LED display on the back that can be programmed to show a variety of different blueprints, including simple likeness. It includes a built-in front light in addition to the rear light panel, as well as integrated turn signals that work with an included physical handlebar remote, or in concert with an Apple Watch app. It’s available in either a gloss lily-white finish, or a matte black( as examined ).

Lumos has designed the Matrix to work with a wide range of head sizes, thanks in part to two makes of included velcro pads for the inside of the helmet, but due principally to the movable, ratcheting sizing harness on the inside. This can be easily dialled to tighten or tightened the helmet, helping it fit heads wandering between 22 and 24 -inches in size.

The exterior of the Lumos is made use of an ABS plastic that supplies full weatherproofing, so that you can wear it in the rain without having to worry about the condition of the embedded electronics. There’s also a MIPS( Multi-directional Impact Protection System) option that you can add on if you miss an additional level of safety and security, though that’s not yet shipping and should be “available soon” according to the company.

A button integrated into the helmet’s strap makes you turn it on and off, and cycles/second between the built-in pitter-patters. You can pair the helmet via Bluetooth with your smartphone, very, and use the dedicated app to customize features including brightness, and even starting your own custom blueprints for the rear showing. In the box, you’ll likewise find a bill cable with service standards USB A connector on one intent, and a proprietary magnetic blame skin-deep on the other for powering up both your helmet and the handlebar remote.

Designing and accomplishment

The Lumos Matrix aspects a principally continual surface, with four ventilates on the top of the helmet for airflow, with an integrated edge built into the shell. As mentioned, there’s a front-facing light built-in to the helmet and protected by a transparent plastic flooding, as well as a rear body of 7×11 headed lights, which create a dot matrix-style display that can display idols or livings, including scrolling textbook. These LEDs are all full RGB, allowing the subscribers to taking advantage for their own, or built-in parade creations.

Lumos too manufactures the Kickstart, which facets a more aerodynamic, fully expressed pattern. The examination of the Matrix is more akin to helmets is set out in skateboarding, and for city passenger bicyclists. Despite its more solid-looking design, in testing I found that it was actually very comfortable and cool, allowing batch of airflow. The helmet sits a bit high on the honcho, but has ample hard-bitten foam padding and unquestionably may seem like a solid piece of protective paraphernalium. Overall, the extreme quality of the construction and level of the finishes on the Matrix help it earn its higher price tag.

The Matrix is also pleasant, and the adjustable sizing leashes ensure a snug fit that represents the helmet won’t be changing around at all while wear. The activation button located on the kuki-chin strap near your ear is easy to find and press, with a tactile response combined with an auditory signal so you’ll know it’s on. There’s also a built-in magnetic owner for the included two-button handlebar turn signal remote in the rear interior of the helmet itself, which is super useful when wearing the helmet out on errands.

In expressions of the smart features, Lumos has created a very sensible set of defaults for the on-board lighting that make it easy to precisely turn on the helmet and get riding. The built-in patterns give a range of options, but all do the job of increasing your visibility- and the light lighting means that it adds to your ability to be seen by motorists, other cyclists and pedestrians even while you’re biking in radiant daylight.

The customizability of the rear speck matrix parade is also super handy. Even if you’re not interested in creating colorful designs to express your aesthetic ego, you can use it for much more practical reasons- like expose a simple scrolling message( ie.’ biking with girls ‘) in order to alert anyone else around to grounds to pay deepened attention.

The included Lumos handlebar remote is paired out of the box, and is extremely reliable in terms of activating the turn signal on the helmet. Lumos’ smartwatch app was much more hit-or-miss for me in terms of recognizing my limb gestures reliably to automate the signalling, but that’s really a value-add feature anyway, and absolutely not necessary to get the full advantage of the helmet. The app’s integration with Apple Health for workout moving while biking is also fantastic, and really adds to the overall know-how of the utilization of the Matrix helmet.

Bottom path

The Lumos Matrix is a marvelous bicycle helmet, with an astounding integrated smart-alecky illuminate organisation that’s both brilliant and highly customizable. There’s a conclude this thing is carried at Apple Storage – it’s top caliber in terms of construction, software integration and design. That said, its retail price starts at $ 249.95- which is a lot when you believed that a good quality MIPS helmet without smart boasts will only mount you back about $60 or so.

When you consider just how much engineering is onboard the Matrix, however, the pricing becomes a lot easier to immerse. It’s true that dedicated illuminations also aren’t expensive, but the ones on the Matrix are very high quality and excessively evident in all lighting surroundings. And the Matrix offers unique features you won’t find anywhere else, including active turn signals and automated brake lights, which really add to your ability to safely share the road with other cyclists and vehicles.

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