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The future of work is human

Heather Hartnett


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Heather Hartnett is general marriage and CEO of Human Ventures, an early-stage venture fund and startup studio in New York City.

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Building and investing in the’ human needs economy ‘

Human Ventures builds and be invested in what we call the” human needs economy ,” which encompasses products and services that address material human problems — specifically those in the areas of health and wellness, the future of work and community. This spring, our Humans in the Wild cohort curriculum to bring about groupings of remarkable industrialists, constructing business within health and wellness. This twilight, we are provoked to call upon industrialists who are building companies reimagining the way in which we, as humans, wield. Applications are open now.

The human needs economy is the future. Throughout the last few decades, fundamental change in engineering and human behaviour have impacted the nature and life cycle of the “traditional” professional excursion — and that stoppage has started to shape a new strive economy. The last decade specific brought along substantial technological advances that assistant humans drive more efficiently, and share and organize information at flake. However, those technological advances are now starting to outpace the human condition, creating a society weary of automation, one that notices people sought for their lieu and determination in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced labor market.

As COVID-1 9 insured boardrooms start dark, turning homes into stopgap departments, nascent trends were forced into prominence. Abruptly, the labor force was newly eager for innovative solutions to help them thrive in the brand-new regular. But there is a long way to go before this new ordinary feels ordinary. There’s much work to be done to help the human needs economy not just survive this seismic displacement, but to use it as an advantage.

Human Ventures has identified four areas of opportunity best positioned to serve the human side of work over the next decade 😛 TAGEND

Image Credits: Human Ventures( opens in a brand-new space )

If you are building in these areas, we would love to connect with you.

1. New work environments

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