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The fight for the future of DNS is white hot

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July 10, 2021

The fight for the future of DNS is white hot

Since its inception, one of the toughest challenges NS1 has faced is the simple fact that DNS is a mature market category with venerable and well-established incumbents. When Kris Beevers and his two co-founders started the company, quite literally every company and internet user previously had some anatomy of DNS technology in place. It’s a decades-old technology after all.

Beevers and everyone associated with the company is keen to point out time and again that NS1 isn’t a DNS vendor, but rather a suite of products offering application and traffic delivery, concert and reliability. NS1 in its early days had to constantly preach that message and civilize its full potential customers on how its give provided something better than the incumbents with years of performance history.

Because DNS mostly “just wreaks, ” some organizations don’t articulated a serious amount of design behind it, assuming that all of the services and capabilities out there are roughly equivalent.

In the first two parts of the EC-1, we looked at the starts of the company and its core commodity offerings in DNS and DDI. In this section, it’s time to look at the broader market and the rival facing NS1 and what that indicates for the future of the company.

Everyone owns a make they don’t have a better understanding of

Hosting providers typically volunteer basic DNS assistances that “just work” out of the box, creating a large challenge for any vendor in the managed DNS space. Eric Hanselman, principal research psychoanalyst with S& P Global Market Intelligence, said that among some organizations, there is an expectation that DNS is just part of what happens on the internet.

” I mull the largest misconception that I find about DNS in general, is the lack of understanding of how critical it is to the performance and the customer experience of just about everything that organizations do today that is technology associated ,” Hanselman said.

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