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The ambitious plan to publicly track every new garment we buy

The fashion industry is far from sustainable, but a revolutionary brand-new scaffold called CircularID aims to make it easier for labels to recycle, reparation, and resell style commodities.

Natasha Franck, cofounder and CEO of manner engineering busines EON, believes we will one day be able to throw our age-old shirts in the recycling bucket along with our plastic bottles and glass flasks. At the recycling hub, those textiles will be given to a machine where they will be pulped and turned into brand-new fibers. Eventually, when this system is perfected, we won’t need to use any more carbon-intensive petroleum to manufacture polyester garbs or water-intensive cotton to see jeans. We could turn all the aged, tossed-out costumes that already exist on the planet into brand-new drapes in an perfectly circular organisation.” We would be able to decouple resource consumption from economic growth ,” says Franck.

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