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The 10 Best Apple Watch Apps for Business

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November 5, 2020

The 10 Best Apple Watch Apps for Business

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When the Apple Watch first came out in 2015, there were 3,000 apps available for download. Fast forward five years, and now there are over 20, 000 apps — 21 of which are built-in.

As an entrepreneur, Apple Watches can be an excellent asset, as there is a wide various types of Apple Watch apps designed with business in mind.

We’ve experimented the top 10 Apple Watch apps that may make it easier for you to run a company or outdo at your job.

Apple Watches: The Basics

Before exploring the top 10 Apple Watch apps for marketers and business, let’s go over what Apple Watches are and what they do.

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch produced under Apple. In essence, it’s a wearable, touchscreen computer you wear on your wrist.

What can you do with an Apple Watch?

Answer callsRecord expression memosListen to podcastsReceive iPhone notificationsPay with Apple PayAsk Siri questionsSend textbooks

Why Should Marketers Be concerned about Apple Watch Apps?

As a marketer, Apple Watch Apps are quite useful, and you can utilize them in a variety of ways to perform your campaigns more effective. These are the three facets we’ve ascertain most helpful 😛 TAGEND

Increased social media responsivenessLocation-based alertsEmail alertings

Increased Social Media Responsiveness

Apple Watch apps enable business owners to better monitor social media involvement. Social media has entitled customers to share how they feel about organizations more than ever before. However, businesses have to be listening.

The Apple Watch apps send move notifications to users when someone responds to a upright or if someone sends them a direct sense. Let’s say someone uses your product or service, and the customer had a great user experience. You’d want to respond quickly to that person, so “the consumers ” feels as though you attend, and she didn’t waste her occasion sharing her thoughts.

Conversely, if a customer has a negative experience, you want to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Because your Apple Watch apps apprise you immediately when someone interacts with your brand on social media, you can fix topics faster( rather than waiting until you next check your phone or computer ).

Location-Based Alerts

Another benefit of Apple Watch apps is location-based alerts. Occupations, peculiarly tiny ones, may be able to leverage this peculiarity to drive more parties to their brick-and-mortar locations.

Location-based notifies are the result of technology called geo-fencing. This provides up ads to mobile invention customers, including Apple Watch proprietors, based on where they are.

Geo-fencing exertions by setting up a virtual “fence” around a business. When someone penetrates the perimeter, private individuals may realise an ad for your corporation. Those ads may result in more foot traffic.

Let’s say a coffee shop has an app, and an Apple Watch customer downloads it and opts in for notifications. The coffee shop use geo-fencing. When the Apple Watch user is near the patronize, they receive a notification on their wrist, offering them a deduction if they come by right now.

They wouldn’t get this deal via email or anywhere else–why not sounds by if they have a few minutes?

Email Alerts

This benefit has less to do with marketing to customers and more to do with staying connected to your business. With Apple Watch Apps, you can check your email wherever you are. You don’t even need to pull your telephone out of your pocket to do so.

When a message comes in, promote the appendage donning your Apple Watch. This gesture lets you read the full letter. When you’re done reading, you can lower your appendage, and the watch rejects the notification.

You can also send emails from your Apple Watch, either by typing or by dictating a message to Siri.

Being able to use email anywhere, without having to dig out your phone and open your email app, may help you deal with pulping business editions faster.

Think Outside the Box

The three Apple Watch app capabilities we’ve mentioned are the tip of the iceberg for businesses. To maximize the value of Apple Watch apps, think outside the box.

There are so many Apple Watch apps that can be used to promote products and services. By thinking outside of the box, purveyors got to find artistic ways to leveraging Apple Watch apps to entice, lock, and retain customers. We’ll talk about some of our favorites below.

Apple Watch Apps For Other Business Areas

In addition to their benefits for purveyors, Apple Watch apps may cure meet other fields of your business more efficient. Coming up, we’ll discuss six categories of Apple Watch apps that may enable you to run your company better 😛 TAGEND

Customer relations management appsOrganization appsPresentation tool appsApps for sending and receiving paymentsGoal tracking apps

Customer Relations Management Apple Watch Apps

Customer Relations Management( CRM) apps gather information about interactions with customers and centralize that data.

For example, if a client obtains from you, there’s a record of the whole process. You can be found in what the person or persons bought, when they bought it, and how much the product or service cost. Did the customer have to bring in the commodity for fixings? There will be information about the incident in the CRM, too.

Three CRM Apple Watch apps we’ve witnes helpful are 😛 TAGEND



Salesforce has over 30% of the market share in the CRM space. It is also part of the first enterprise houses to launch its Apple Watch app.

The Salesforce Apple Watch app dedicates consumers quick access to the charts and raw data there is a requirement to so salespeople can close a deal and marketers can acquire data-driven decisions. With this app, employees can record purchaser interactions and use that datum wherever “they il be”, even if they’re not in the office.


While Salesforce works for companies of all sizes, smaller businesses might find it doesn’t relatively convene the needs and requirements because it has more features than they require. Bottomline is a CRM Apple Watch app intended for smaller companies.

With Bottomline, you can track all of your sales, purchasers, and commodities in one place. There’s too a built-in expense tracker function. Bottomline initiates reports intended to help answer questions like 😛 TAGEND

Who are my top patrons? Who are my best produces? Which customer personas are most valuable to my business?


Gro is another CRM app that may work well for your small business. While Bottomline has CRM functionality, Gro is a full-featured CRM. This Apple Watch app offerings 😛 TAGEND

A CRM dashboardLead and contact managementOpportunity managementAppointment scheduling

These components may help you organize your contacts, effectively encourage conducts, and nurture new opportunities. The built-in appointment scheduling aspect could also save you season and endeavor, as you don’t have to navigate to another app to enter a see into your calendar.

Apple Watch Apps A screenshot of Gro CRM

A screenshot of Gro CRM for the Apple Watch.

Organization Apple Watch Apps

Organization apps optimize your productivity. Apps can constitute duties more effective, such as note-taking, the projects, and scheduling.

Our research ascertained the most wonderful Apple Watch apps is assisting organizational knowledge are 😛 TAGEND

EvernoteNotedCisco Webex


Evernote has become one of the top note-taking apps for a good reason. It allows you to 😛 TAGEND

Sync memo to all devicesAdd text, PDFs, checks, audio, and documents to your notesFormat your notesSearch for individual memoranda


Noted integrates audio recording with note-taking. What differentiates Noted from other note-taking apps is it contributes a timestamp to your audio recording. You can call given moment from lectures and seminars to return to them swiftly and easily.

Apple Watch Apps Noted

A screenshot of the Noted app for the Apple Watch.

Cisco Webex

You may view a gather anytime, anywhere, by using the Cisco Webex app for Apple Watch.

The Webex Apple Watch app causes you 😛 TAGEND

Join meetingsPresent to othersSchedule meetingsShare content or your screen

Presentation Tool Apple Watch Apps

Your Apple Watch may even help you deliver killer renditions. Here are two Apple Watch apps for proposals 😛 TAGEND


Keynote allows you to create audiovisual presents on another Apple device, then use your Apple Watch to control the presentations–keeping your hands free while you speak.


If you’re a PowerPoint love, you can use the popular presentation software on your Apple Watch. As with Keynote, you can control the presentation from your watch.

Apple Watch Apps for Sending and Receiving Payments

When the Apple Watch first came out, there was an app enabling users to receive and send money. That app is no longer available for the Apple Watch–but you aren’t left out in the coldnes, thanks to Invoice& Time Tracking from Zoho.

With Invoice& Time Tracking, you can invoice customers and accept remittances on the go. However, there’s no function to pay debits with the app, so be sure to build that into your schedule.

A screenshot of the Invoice and Tracking app for the Apple Watch

A screenshot of the Invoice& Tracking app for the Apple Watch.

Goal Tracking Apple Watch Apps

There are several aim tracking apps for individuals which may help you keep tabs on your business benchmarks, including 😛 TAGEND



Want to avoid distractions while “youre working”? Forest restrains you focused by rewarding you with an increasingly lush backdrop of seeds when you reject your manoeuvres to get trash done. Inducing things even better, the app makes bush real trees to honor consumers and help the planet.

Apple Watch Apps Forest app

A screenshot from the Forest App for the Apple Watch.


The best goals are often SMART: specific, perceptible, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Strides may assist you in reaching your goals by 😛 TAGEND

Tracking both good and bad habitsSetting dates by which to reach targetsProviding daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or flattening medians of aims metCreating milestones to benchmark progress


Part of being successful is having good habits. The Apple Watch app Productive is here to help you try to get into a better groove.

The app placeds remembrances throughout the day and moves the progress you’ve made toward your goals. When you accomplish tasks that may lead to the creation of good habits, the app goes to show the series of positive actions that may save you caused. There’s even a Siri shortcut, impelling it easy to access Productive with only your voice.


Like Strides and Productive, Tally moves dress. Nonetheless, Tally may give you insight into blueprints you didn’t realise existed.

Let’s say you’re not meeting your goal of writing a weekly blog post. Tally’s tracker shows you this goal has been set for Wednesdays–the same day as your eject weekly personnel assemble. By moving your blog writing day to Thursday, may be better able to meet your goals.

Another benefit of using Tally is being able to export your data as a CSV file, stirring it easier to save or share what you’re doing.

Apple Watch Apps Tally

A screenshot from the Tally app for the Apple Watch.


Want to use good habits? Streaks may help you do that by 😛 TAGEND

Tracking up to 12 daily tasksSyncing across all devicesAutomatically completing tasks you’ve linked to the Health appReminding you to complete a taskAllowing you to create ” negative” duties so you can try to break bad habitsAdding duration assignments

A screenshot of the Streaks app for the Apple Watch

A screenshot of the Streaks app for the Apple Watch.


Apple Watch apps aren’t just for your personal life–there are plenty of apps you may want to use at work as well. You might find these apps help you reach your purchasers better, keep yourself organized and accountable, and take care of everyday and big picture projects more smoothly.

Which Apple Watch apps will you use for your business?

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