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Tesla will disable in-dash video games while its cars are in motion

Tesla is quickly responding to the NHTSA’s investigation of in-dash gaming while gondolas are moving. The Guardian has learned Tesla will deliver an update disabling on-the-move Passenger Play. A spokesman for the regulator said Tesla promised the reform after discussing the matter with officials. There was no mention of when updated information might arrive, but it’s safe to infer you’ll have to park for future gaming sessions.

The representative stressed the investigation would continue despite updated information. The NHTSA reiterated that the Vehicle Safety Act bars companionships from selling cars that constitute significant safe jeopardies, including from distracted driving. The investigation shields approximately 580,000 Tesla EVs between the 2017 and 2022 sit years.

Tesla no longer operates a public relations team and wasn’t available for comment. The feature modify isn’t surprising, though. Inaction could degenerate the consequences if the NHTSA finds Tesla was careless. There’s too the concerns of competitive influence. Mercedes-Benz recently tied an error that allowed mid-drive video playback — it wouldn’t ogle good if Tesla refused to follow suit.

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