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Tesla has increased the price of its ‘Full Self-Driving’ option to $10,000

Tesla has made good on founder and CEO Elon Musk’s promise to boost the price of its “Full Self-Driving”( FSD) software upgrade option, increasing it to $10,000 following the start of the staged rollout of a beta version of the software update last week. This improves the price of the bundle $2,000 from its cost before today, and it has steadily increased since last May.

The FSD option has is to be found as an optional add-on to complement Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance technology, even though the features themselves haven’t been available to Tesla proprietors before the launch of the beta this month. Even still, it’s only in restriction beta, but this is the closest Musk and Tesla have come to actually launching something under the FSD moniker — when you have razzed a fully autonomous state in yield Teslas for years now.

Despite its specify, FSD isn’t what most in the industry would define as full, Level 4 or Level 5, autonomy per service standards defined by SAE International and accepted by most working on self-driving. Musk has designed it as vehicles having the ability” to be autonomous but compelling supervision and intervention at times ,” whereas Levels 4 and 5( often considered” true-life self-driving “) under SAE standards require no driver intervention.

After release of Tesla’s’ Full Self-Driving’ beta, Elon Musk predicts roughly $2,000 rate hike

Still, the technology does appear superb in some ways according to early user feedback — though testing any kind of self-driving software unsupervised via the general public does seem an fantastically high-risk move. Musk has said that we should meet a wide rollout of the FSD tech beyond the beta before year’s intent, so he unquestionably seems confident in its performance.

The price increase might be another sign of his and the company’s confidence. Musk has always maintained that users were getting a discount by handing fund over early to Tesla in order to help it develop technology that would come last-minute, so in many ways it concludes sense that the price increase comes now. This also obviously facilitates Tesla boost margins, though it’s already ride high on earnings that beat both revenue and profit possibilities from analysts.

Tesla wows on latest figures

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