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Telegram now has reactions, hidden text, translation and QR codes

Hours before the end of the year, Telegram Messenger announced the 12 th and final update of last year that includes responses, the ability to add hidden text, automatic translation of words, as well as QR codes the specific characteristics is configured for.

The reaction is a quick reaction to a theme in the shape of an interactive or invigorated emojis, they are always triggered in private chats and the usability is configured by heads for groups and directs:

You can not only permit actions yourself, but likewise set up which emoji for this function is responsible. You can restriction yourself to traditional “likes” or unionize votes.

You can change your default reaction to another emoji in Settings. Android: Chat Settings> Quick Response. iOS: Sticker and Emoji> Quick Response.

Administrators can see actions from their path or group info page> Edit> Reactions. For more feedback options, try Channel Feedback and our powerful surveys.

If necessary, Messenger users received the opportunity to work with a hide text, for example by explaining movies or tv series, but without absorption of theatre designing details.

An important invention is the message translation function. To start this function, you must first activate it in the “Language” menu item of the “Configuration” menu.

To translate a theme, all you have to do is touch it( or pinch it with your paw on iOS ).

The prepares allow you to specify the languages that do not require translation.

The operate is available for every Android edition as well as iOS 15+.

For all users who have set up a public link to their profile; now you can generate a QR system immediately in the app; the part is also available for groups, channels and bots.

A QR code symbol sounded next to the public link on which not only the system itself, but also its design – the required colors and patterns – can be generated. Result, publish or share in another application.

In addition, the right-click menu in the Telegram client for macOS has new alternatives: Navigation has been improved and animated represents ought to have exposed for each element. Finally, some emojis are interactive explanations too.

Read more: techncruncher.blogspot.com

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