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TCL’s Nxtwear Air cinema glasses are lighter and more stylish

TCL has been slamming on the Personal Cinema door for fairly some time, first with a series ofconcept devices and, last year, with its firstly commercially-available model. The Nxtwear G, which I reviewed in the summer, was the best personal cinema I’ve ever tested, but it still had some major blunders. The biggest was consolation, both for eye-strain and the problem of resting a 130 gram( 4.5 oz) bit of hardware on your nose. Thankfully, it inspects as if TCL has sought to address that issue with its second model, the TCL Nxtwear Air.

Essentially, the TCL Nxtwear Air makes many of the same ingredients from the first one, but has managed to shave off around a third of the load. The glass now weigh 75 grams, and look to be a lot more stylish than the first pattern, including interchangeable fascias to customize the glass to your wording. As much as I’d dislike lending more value to my face, I do fairly like the sound of the faux-Wayfarer panel.

Far as I can tell, the exposes remains the same: Two 1080 p Micro OLED committees designed to replicate the feel of a 140 -inch screen. The press release does, nonetheless, say that color reproduction has been improved, since the pictures on the first sit were occasionally washed out. You’ll too get spatial audio, and given the speakers are sited in the arms, that is just like a smart-alecky betterment for movie watching.

Naturally, TCL isn’t talking about when we can get our hands on one, or how much it’ll cost when we actually do. But if it’s less than the frankly outrageous premiums you had to fork out for the first model, it’ll be a good start.

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