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Taipei-based computer vision startup eYs3D gets $7M Series A

EYs3D Microelectronics, a fabless scheme house that focuses on end-to-end software and hardware organisations for computer perception technology, has given rise to a$ 7 million Streaks A. Members included ARM IoT Capital, WI Harper and Marubun Corporation, which will each serve as strategic investors.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, eYs3D was spun out of Etron, a fabless IC and system-in-package( SiP) scheme conglomerate, in 2016. It will use its new funding to build its embedded chip business in brand-new groceries. The company’s technology, including integrated circuits, 3D sensors, camera modules and AI-based software, have a wide range of employments, such as robotics, touchless sovereignties, autonomous vehicles and smart retail. EYs3D’s commodities have been used in the Facebook Oculus Rift S and Valve Index virtual reality headsets, and Techman Robots.

ARM, the microprocessor company, will integrate eYs3D’s microchips into its CPU and NPUs. WI Harper, a cross-border investment firm with parts in Taipei, Beijing and San Francisco, will give eYs3D access to its international network of industrial marriages. Marubun Corporation, a Japan-based company that strews semiconductors and other electronic components, will open new distribution channels for eYs3D.

In a press statement, ARM IoT Capital chief Peter Hsieh said, “As we look to the future, enhanced computer eyesight subscribe plays a key role in ARM’s AI architecture and deployment. eYs3D’s innovative 3D computer vision ability can offer the market major welfares, and we are pleased to partner with the company and invest in the creation of more AI-capable dream processors.”

The new funding also will be used to expand eYs3D’s product development and launching a series of 3D computer image modules. It likewise will work with new business partners to expand its platform and hire more talent.

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EYs3D’s chief strategy officer James Wang told TechCrunch that the global chip shortage and Taiwan’s drought haven’t greatly impacted the company’s business or product means, because it are working with Etron as its integrated circuits manufacturing service.

“Etron Technology is one of the major chronicles for the Taiwanese foundry sector and has strong relationships with the foundries, so eYs3D entitled to receive makes for its purchasers as required, ” he said. “Meanwhile, eYs3D works closely with its major customers to schedule a just-in-time supply chain for their make pipelines.”

The company’s systems blend silicon layout and algorithms to manage information collected from different sensor sources, including thermal, 3D and neural network perception. Its engineering is capable of supporting visual simultaneous site and mapping( vSLAM ), object boast depth approval and gesture-based commands.

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Yang said eYs3D can provide end-to-end services, from integrated circuit design to ready-to-use makes, and works closely with clients to determine what they need. For example, it offered its chip solution to an autonomous robot fellowship for hazard escape and people-tracing features.

“Since their expertise is in robotic motor authorities and mechanicals, they are necessary a more complete solution for a design module for 3D feeling, as well as object and beings identification. We provided them with one of our 3D penetration camera mixtures and SDK along with middleware algorithm samples for their validation, ” said Yang. “The customer made our design package and seamlessly integrated our 3D magnitude camera mixture for proof-of-concept within a short period of time. Next, we has enabled them to retrofit the camera design to fit in their robot torso prior to commercialization of the robot.”

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