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Archive Tag: y combinator

As 5G demand grows, Sitenna helps telcos find more cell tower locations, faster

The buildout of 5G systems continues apace, with wide-scale deployments across much of the developing countries. Yet, one of the largest challenges with closing the gaps in coverage maps are limitations on 5G transmissions. Because of the spectrum that 5G technology utilizes compared to 4G, telecom motorists need to install many times more towers to […]


Servicing one’s car personally is a time-consuming, expensive and painstaking process. It’s a cycle that can lead to more expensive reparations and safety issues down the line, and no auto owned likes that. Egypt and Dubai-based auto tech startup Odiggo is a pulpit tackling this problem. It tolerates vehicle owners to get the help they […]

Rutter comes out of stealth with $1.5M in funding for its e-commerce API

Rutter, a remote-first company, is developing a unified e-commerce API that enables companies to connect with data across any platform. On Friday the company announced it was emerging from stealth with $1.5 million in funding from a group of investors including Haystack, Liquid 2 and Basis Set Ventures. Founders Eric Yu and Peter Zhou met […]

ReleaseHub nabs $2.7M seed to give developers on-demand environments

Every developer relies on environments like testing, placing and production as they build application, but constructing them can be a time-consuming operation. ReleaseHub, an early stage startup that was part of the Y Combinator Winter 2020 cohort, wants to change that by providing a service to see environments available on demand. Today, the company announced […]

The disconnect between Y Combinator Demo Day and due diligence

Within 48 hours, the startup world knew two decisive affairs: Y Combinator’s largest Demo Day ever, and the early investor exodus of Dispo, a photo-sharing app. Both episodes, while seemingly unrelated, taught us a lot about the importance, and difficulty, of due diligence in our current world. For background, early investors in Dispo distanced from […]

Mighty Buildings nabs $40M Series B to 3D print your next house

Once upon a era, the relevant recommendations of 3D-printed residences was almost like a thing of the future. But as room comes less and less affordable — especially in ultra-expensive markets such as the Bay Area — companionships are getting imaginative in their quest to build more cheap homes use technology. One of those companies, […]

Here are the 98 companies from Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 Demo Day 1

Today was part one of Y Combinator’s two-parter Summer 2020 Demo Day, where practically 100 fellowships debuted their efforts to the world for the first time. The Summer 2020 batch of companies was the first perfectly remote YC cohort, with the ongoing pandemic conducting the accelerator to take its program wholly virtual. But it was […]

CarbonChain is using AI to determine the emissions profile of the world’s biggest polluters

It was the Australian undergrowth shoot that eventually did it. For 12 times Adam Hearne had worked at corporations that represented some of the world’s largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. First at Rio Tinto, one of the largest industrial miners, and then at Amazon, where he handled inbound delivery operations throughout the eu, Hearne […]

Gather helps teams streamline things like onboarding, offboarding, and parental leave over Slack

Adding a brand-new hire to a team tends to involve more than saying ” You’re hired !” and pitching them into the company Slack. You’ve got to get them studied, ship them any hardware they might need, get them set up on all of your internal implements and check in regularly to make sure everything […]

VenoStent has a new technology to improve outcomes for dialysis patients

Timothy Boure and his co-founder Geoffrey Lucks were both near break-dance when they moved to Dallas to join the first accelerator they penetrated after forming VenoStent, a company that aims to improve outcomes for dialysis patients. Failed dialysis surgeries carried out in approximately 55% to 65% of patients with end-stage renal disease, according to the […]

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