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Archive Tag: work life

Why we should stop feeling guilty about doing things that we enjoy

Many of us have’ guilty pleases’ that we wouldn’t give up but would rather keep secret. Harmonizing to this culture anthropologist, pandering in them can be good for us. TV. Movie. Baked Goods. Monetary assistances. Shopping. Comic volumes. Soft boozes. Pizza. Video competitions. Wine. Fast food. Technology. Candy. Gambling. These are just a few of […]

8 things you should never do in a first interview—and one you must

Don’t get ruled out before you have a chance to ” wow” a new company. Here’s what to avoid doing–and how to set yourself up for success. Even in a close-fisted labor market, profession seekers need to make a good first impression. And you exclusively have a brief window to do so. A 2018 CareerBuilder […]

This 5-port car charger may be the best Labor Day purchase you make

TL ;D R: Snag the BESTEK Advantage Inverter from the Mashable Shop. It’s typically $27.99, but you’ll get it for $21.24. Foregoing a vehicle charger is fine if you principally use your car to go to and from work or academy. But what happens when you embark on a long road trip? With friends and […]

Why companies need to stop ignoring those without a digital presence

As technology takes over more and more aspects of the labor market, we need to acknowledge the divide that is creating for those who don’t have access to job opportunities. This summer, Amazon launched a brand-new credit card designed specifically for buyers with bad recognition. It’s got the same perks as a typical Amazon Store […]

How to make a one-way video interview less awkward

More and more companies are utilizing one-way video interrogations to screen candidates. Here’s how to get it right. When you’re on the job hunt, be drawn up when a prospective employer asks you to record a one-way video. While a phone interview has traditionally been the first step in the hiring process, more businesses–from Fortune […]

Why wait for Prime Day? Here are 10 great deals live now in our shop.

Not a Prime member? Don’t want to deal with all the hype around Prime Day? Boycotting Amazon ? Here are ten slews from the Mashable Shop that you can get right here, right now. An electric grill that you can use indoors Don’t let bad weather( or scarcity of outside room) stop you from grilling […]

These 8 presidents chanced into office–here’s what you can learn from their unplanned ascent

Author and Jigsaw CEO Jared Cohen talks about power, successorship, and what he learned from studying Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and other incidental chairmen. By day, Jared Cohen uses engineering to combat terrorism-he’s the CEO of Jigsaw, previously part of Google and now under Alphabet. Before that he served in the State Department and was […]

3 steps tech can take to restore consumer confidence

With trust in tech at an all-time low, it’s more important than ever to deploy ethical marketing tools. It’s been a tough year for tech. From the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal to concerns around Venmo’s creepy public transaction history to accidents caused by self-driving cars and the way stalker ads now chase us across the web, […]

5 ways work culture will change by 2030

Technology, geniu deficit, and trust are just a few of the issues that will challenge workplace culture in the course of the coming decade. Recent times have appreciated an extraordinary awareness and the priorities of workplace culture by both employers and employees. Culture is a company’s “personality,” including the behavioral promises, rehearses, and other norms […]

The 7 best tools for making 2019 your most productive year yet

The most basic productivity implements get a boost from new layout and technology. Did you know that our infatuation with productivity goes back practically 300 times? Today’s time management gurus can thank Benjamin Franklin is not merely for creating the first to-do inventory but also for get in here the essence of what it means […]

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