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Archive Tag: work life

Less guilt and more action is what works for women of color in tech

We need to move from regret to action with actual strategies that will increase the participation of underrepresented women of color in tech today. Now are three. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, we had PacMan everything. My father, who had a career in IT long before the industry boom, directed as a tech […]

How to find out if someone is trying to manipulate you

It’s precisely when you are most confident about relying your tendencies that you are less likely to be right. So you should understand the difference between healthful persuasion and mental manipulation. The human mind is a fascinating tool. Even if artificial intelligence continues to develop at the current rate it will take a long time […]

Why this generation needs more (relatable) entrepreneurial role models

Not every financier is a twentysomething developer living in Silicon Valley. Ask the average Silicon Valley twentysomething if they’ve ever considered founding a company, and fortunes are–they’ve already started one. If not, they’ll almost certainly know someone else who has. They’re probably aware of a whole host of people involved in founding and funding the […]

5 things you can do to make your conferences diverse and inclusive

You need to be intentional about it. Sometimes, I visualize I should modernize my LinkedIn job title to “Manel,” which stands for all-male panels preventer. Various terms a year, I get requests to participate on a committee of all men at a big conference. It happening on both of my core studies: national security and […]

The long-term benefits of losing, according to science

We’ve heard winning isn’t everything, but brand-new research proves that “losing” might improve your success in the long run. After three years of pursuing an daring project to understand what kinds of crews promote optimal innovation, my colleagues and I were nearing the finishing line. The arising newspaper was nearing long-awaited booklet. The magazine we’d […]

I’m a workaholic, and this is how I’m changing my ways

Jeff Miller of Cornerstone shares how being on all the time has affected all his coworkers and what the hell is do to stop the madness. Fifty-eight percent of Americans consider themselves workaholics , according to a new inspect. On average, U.S. workers enter longer hours and take less vacation time than employees worldwide. And […]

Women founders have it tough. Women in “hard tech” have it tougher

The cofounder and CEO of goTenna crunched the numbers, and women industrialists in robotics, artificial intelligence, and wireless get a small fraction of bet fund, It’s worse than you think: By now, most businesspeople know that women-led corporations have raised less than 3% of U.S. venture capital dollars, a number that have continued to be […]

Discrimination in the hiring process is more prevalent than you might think

Even if we want a diverse personnel, we may be inadvertently discriminating in the hiring process, from writing the job description to onboarding. HR and recruitment professionals discuss how to best escape those pitfalls. At this object, many employers have already heard about the benefits of diversity, peculiarly how it can drive innovation and even […]

Why we should stop feeling guilty about doing things that we enjoy

Many of us have’ guilty pleases’ that we wouldn’t give up but would rather keep secret. Harmonizing to this culture anthropologist, pandering in them can be good for us. TV. Movie. Baked Goods. Monetary assistances. Shopping. Comic volumes. Soft boozes. Pizza. Video competitions. Wine. Fast food. Technology. Candy. Gambling. These are just a few of […]

8 things you should never do in a first interview—and one you must

Don’t get ruled out before you have a chance to ” wow” a new company. Here’s what to avoid doing–and how to set yourself up for success. Even in a close-fisted labor market, profession seekers need to make a good first impression. And you exclusively have a brief window to do so. A 2018 CareerBuilder […]

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