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Archive Tag: transportation

Volvo will debut its ‘self-driving’ Ride Pilot feature in California

Volvo will debut “Ride Pilot, ” its take over a Tesla-like autonomous driving feature, in California, the automaker announced on Wednesday during CES 2022. Once it’s approved for use on highways, Volvo says it will give Ride Pilot as a paid due add-on for a brand-new electrical SUV it plans to reveal last-minute this year. […]

Intel’s Mobileye unveils a chip that could bring self-driving cars to the masses

Self-driving car technology is currently limited to test planneds and specialized vehicles, but Mobileye thinks it can play a key role in originating driverless vehicles you can actually buy. The Intel-owned company has unveiled an EyeQ Ultra system-on-chip designed with consumer self-driving cars in attention. The SoC can juggle all the computing needs of Level […]

BMW’s iX M60 performance EV will arrive with 610 HP and a half century of M edition pedigree

Hot on the( w) ends of our October test drive with BMW’s iX, the comfort automaker has launched a most powerful — but equally-electrified — concert copy of the EV flagship at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the brand-new 2023 iX M6 0. Building on more than 50 years of designing improvement with the automaker’s […]

Volvo is bringing YouTube and Google Home integration to its vehicles

Volvo says it is likely to be the first automaker to offer direct integration with Google Home in its automobiles. You’ll be able to control certain functions remotely via Google Assistant. You might tell your telephone to locked up or ask a smart speaker to start warming up your gondola as you’re getting ready to […]

Sony reveals its EV market ambitions with the Vision-S 02 electric SUV

At this year’s CES, Sony has launched a follow up to the electric car it revealed at the same event two years ago. The brand-new example is an SUV that the company is calling Vision-S 02. Sony took the sedan’s EV and cloud pulpits and leant them in a brand-new species factor to create the […]

2021 showed us that trucks and SUVs don’t need gas engines

The modern electric vehicle renaissance has been impeded from day one by the physical shortcomings imposed by the current state of battery engineering. Incompetences in the shape of heavy battery packs and low-grade dominance densities has all along been restriction not only the compas and performance of EVs but the most fleshes they can take […]

Waymo will add custom-built EVs by Chinese company Geely to its robotaxi fleet

In the future, Waymo’s robotaxi fleet in the US will boast electrical vehicles improve specifically for the service by Chinese automaker Geely. The Alphabet company has teamed up with Geely to create a version of its recently propelled all-electric Zeekr vehicle that’s custom-built for autonomous ride-hailing. Waymo has detailed and establish makes of the modified […]

Tesla will disable in-dash video games while its cars are in motion

Tesla is quickly responding to the NHTSA’s investigation of in-dash gaming while gondolas are moving. The Guardian has learned Tesla will deliver an update disabling on-the-move Passenger Play. A spokesman for the regulator said Tesla promised the reform after discussing the matter with officials. There was no mention of when updated information might arrive, but […]

In 2021, Tesla’s phenomenal profits were offset by constant crisis

The close of 2021 notes Tesla wealthier than ever — and, in CEO Elon Musk’s case, wealthier than everybody else. The electrical “manufacturers ” notched records for both gives and profits this year despite a world-wide chip shortage that decimated give orders worldwide, effectively kneecapping the rest of the automotive industry’s production capacity. However its […]

Ford pilot uses self-driving shuttles to deliver food to Detroit seniors

Ford’s autonomous delivery experimentations now include potentially vital services. The automaker is launching a six-month pilot project that will have self-driving shuttles wreaking fresh nutrient to tenants of a Detroit senior living core, the Rio Vista Detroit Co-Op Apartments, that might otherwise have challenges delivering groceries. The free-of-charge offering will have the “low-speed” vehicle drive […]

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