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Despite the rise of remote work, tech hubs are here to stay

Even though we can all do virtual work if needed, metropolis still provide the necessary ingredients for innovation. With the pandemic reshaping the way we work, countless commodities foresee the die of municipals as startup hubs and promote the reign of remote( and rural) tech capitals. While the technology-enabled exodus to remote workforces has been […]

Why LG is saying goodbye to its smartphone business

LG is closing up shop on its mobile phone business, the company announced Sunday. The decision “will enable the company to focus resources in growth areas such as electric vehicle factors, connected maneuvers, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business mixtures, as well as pulpits and business, ” LG said in an official statement. The […]

10 air conditioner deals to get you ready for summer heat

If you live in a state where the summers are hot, it likely won’t be long before you’re drenched in sweat. Prepare yourself for the impending summertime woes by investing in a new air conditioning unit. Whether you don’t have central air conditioning or you need a personal cooling system on top of that, we’ve […]

Snag 20% off a wireless portable charger for your phone

TL ;D R: Keep your phone charged on the go with the BackPack magnetic supremacy bank, on sale for $39.99 — a 20% discount — as of April 2. Having a dead phone artillery suctions, and you can’t always be next to an store to blame your telephone when it is necessary. But you can […]

This joystick can be modded and customized to suit your gameplay

TL ;D R: Ditch your old video game controllers for the perfectly customizable Mayflash F300 Elite Arcade Stick, on sale for 11% off. As of April 2, seizure it for only $99.99. While video games are great, exploiting the same old-time substance can get tired after some time. That’s why so much better of the […]

Boost your marketing efforts with a lifetime subscription to this augmented reality platform

TL ;D R: A lifetime subscription to the Aryel AR Marketing Platform is on sale for PS36. 32 as of April 2, saving you 95% on list price. Augmented reality is an excellent way to shake up your business’s content and get parties to check out your safaruss. And the Aryel AR Marketing Platform offers […]

Spatial’s mixed-reality teleworking app is breaking free from the Quest 2

If there’s one thing that’s now to stay as a result of the pandemic, it’s remote work — and Spatial knows it. The mixed-reality company is opening up device access to its teleworking application, while also adding a slew of new facets, too. Spatial will soon work on PC-connected virtual reality headsets. Previously, the app […]

The best robot vacuum and mop combos for busy people who want clean floors

Despite what mop and vacuum-clean business “ve been trying to” meet us feel, precisely nobody is champing at the bit to pull out the old clean and bucket or plug in the vacuum cleaner during their Saturday morning cleanup sessions. It’s not that the purposes of the act of straightening the floors is particularly cumbersome […]

How to amp up your marketing efforts with AR

TL ;D R: Use augmented world to boost audience engagement with the Aryel AR Marketing Platform, on sale for 92% off. As of March 8, do life-time access for only $69.99. Augmented reality is an excellent way to shake up your business’s content and get beings to check out your expeditions. And the Aryel AR […]

These two technologies could supercharge our privacy on the internet

To bring back privacy, we need both encryption and decentralization. In recent years, the adverse effects of social media and other world technology programmes have become a top concern for people in the world. The peril seems to grow by the day: Recently, we learned that the popular encrypted messaging assistance WhatsApp has been sharing […]

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