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Archive Tag: speakers

These are the audio gadgets to gift this season

The celebrations are always a good time to help someone upgrade their audio setup, whether that’s earbuds, headphones, speakers or something else. We’ve curated a directory of the best sounding gear you can buy right now, with options for genuine wireless , noise nullifying, immersive audio and more at a variety of tolls and in […]

The stellar Sonos Roam speaker is on sale at Walmart

SAVE $10: As of Sept. 20, the lunar white-hot Sonos Roam is on sale at Walmart for precisely $169( or 6% off its usual retail price of $179 ). We’re not exactly heading into Peak Portable Speaker Season( tm )[?]. Sure, we still have a few glorious weeks of early October ahead of us, but […]

IKEA’s Symfonisk Picture Frame Speakers Are Launching July 15

Do you feel that some of your tech gizmoes stand out a bit too much in your dwelling? Are you discovering that you have to compromise on the design or room you want to make room for certain gizmoes? If you are, then maybe you might be interested in IKEA’s brand-new Symfonisk orators which double […]

HomePod And Apple TV Combo Reportedly In Early Development

At Apple’s Spring Loaded event in April, the company announced a new Apple TV. Sure, it had increases under the hood and there was also a brand new Siri remote control, but otherwise it wasn’t a particularly significant or groundbreaking update to the Apple TV lineup, but there could be a reason why. A report […]

Apple Could Be Developing An Apple TV/HomePod Hybrid

Apple TV and the HomePod currently exist as two separate commodities, but if a recent report from Bloomberg is to be imagined, there is an opportunity that a future Apple TV could end up being an Apple TV/ HomePod hybrid, where it will be a device that has the capabilities and functionality of two manoeuvres […]

IKEA And Sonos Are Working On Another Set Of Speakers

IKEA, a company many associate with affordable, nicely-designed furniture. However, in recent years, the company has started shifting towards other produce lists, like loudspeakers. In 2019, the company announced a partnership with Sonos which resulted in the Symfonisk line of orators, and it looks like that collaboration is far from over. In an Instagram Story […]

Apple Could Be Developing Smart Speakers With Built-In Screens And Cameras

According to each of these reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it seems that Apple is developing some brand-new smart residence devices. These smart dwelling manoeuvres aren’t brand-new per se as they have been done by other fellowships, but it will be the first for Apple. These maneuvers are allegedly smart orators that come with built-in […]

Apple Adds FaceTime Framework To Apple TV

Recently it was reported that Apple could be developing brand-new smart-alecky home inventions like smart exposes, which are essentially smart orators with a parade and camera built into it. This suggests that in the future, there is an opportunity that we could see Apple expand FaceTime to more of its products. If you missed more […]

Bang & Olufen’s Beosound Level Will Blend Into Your Home Perfectly

One of the things about Bang& Olufsen’s audio produces is that they aren’t always designed to look very obvious at what they’re meant to be used for. This is ideal for people who are particular about their home furnishings and crave gizmoes that can blend into their dwellings nicely. This is where the company’s recent […]

Google Home Max Has Officially Been Retired

When smart loudspeakers first propelled, there wasn’t any particularly real increased emphasis on the clang character of these speakers. After all, their main purpose was to act as a hub to restraint smart home objects around the home amongst other things, so having the best audio quality wasn’t the main focus. However, we started seeing […]

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