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Archive Tag: science

Severely paralyzed man communicates using brain signals sent to his vocal tract

A severely paralyzed man has been able to communicate use a new type of technology that translates signals from his brain to his vocal treatise directly into terms that are displayed on a screen. Developed by investigates at UC San Francisco, the technique is a more natural way for parties with communication loss to communicate […]

Blue Origin gets FAA approval for its first human spaceflight on July 20th

The FAA has approved Blue Origin’s maiden crewed rocket journey begin for July 20 th with the company’s founder Jeff Bezos aboard. The flight aboard the New Shepard will take Bezos, his brother Mark, aviation innovator Wally Funk and three other fares to Karman line, just beyond the edge of cavity. To get the certification, […]


It’s easy to find large meteorites( or their craters) formerly they’ve reached Earth, but the smallest ones often become forgotten — scientists recover fewer than 2 percent of them. Soon, however, it might just be a question of sending a robot to do the job. Universe Todayreports that researchers have developed a method that has […]

A nanofiber membrane could help solve the drinking water crisis

Korean scientists claim a new desalination technique procreates sea water fit to drink in hours. The investigates abused a layer distillation process that resulted in 99.9 percent salt accept for one month. If commercialized, they say the solution could help alleviate the drinking water crisis exacerbated by climate change. More than 3 billion beings worldwide […]

Classiq raises $10.5M Series A round for its quantum software development platform

Classiq, a Tel Aviv-based startup that aims to make it easier for computer scientists and developers to create quantum algorithms and applications, today announced that it has raised a $10.5 million Series A round led by Team8 Capital and Wing Capital. Entree Capital, crowdfunding stage OurCrowd and Sumitomo Corporation( through IN Venture) likewise participated in […]

This tiny drone uses an actual moth antenna to sniff out target chemicals

Sometimes it’s just not worth it to try to top Mother Nature. Such seems to have been the judgment by architects at the University of Washington, who, regretting the absence of chemical sensors as penalize as a moth’s antennas, opted to repurpose moth biology rather than invent brand-new human technology. Behold the “Smellicopter.” Mounted on […]

Flexible expressions could lift 3D-generated faces out of the uncanny valley

3D-rendered faces are a big part of any major movie or sport now, but the task of capturing and invigorating them in a natural route can be a tough one. Disney Research is currently working on ways to smooth out this process, among them a machine learning tool that shapes it much easier to generate […]

Can artificial intelligence give elephants a winning edge?

Adam Benzion Contributor Share on Twitter Adam Benzion is a serial entrepreneur, writer, tech investor, co-founder of Hackster.io and the CXO of Edge Impulse. More poles by this donor TinyML is giving hardware new life Images of elephants moving the African plains are imprinted on all of our judgments and something easily recognized as a […]

Alphabet’s X details Project Amber, a quest for a single biomarker for depression that fell short of its goal

Alphabet’s X( the Google-owner’s so-called ” Moonshot Factory “) published a new blog post today about Project Amber, a project it’s been working on over the past three years — the results of which it’s now making available open informant for the rest of the mental health research community to learn from, and hopefully build […]

Cough-scrutinizing AI shows major promise as an early warning system for COVID-19

Asymptomatic spread of COVID-1 9 is a huge contributor to the pandemic, but of course if there are no symptoms, how can anyone tell they should isolate or get a test? MIT investigate has found that hidden in the racket of coughings is a pattern that subtly, but reliably, crisscross a person as likely to […]

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