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Email Force is built on the same ROBUST platform as the Converzly Copy Engine. It’s super simple to use because it uses the same automation technology. It’ll quickly and effortlessly create you profitable emails for ANY product you’re promoting, in any ni

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Lightmatter’s photonic AI ambitions light up an $80M B round

AI is fundamental to many products and services today, but its hunger for data and estimating cycles is bottomless. Lightmatter an intention to leapfrog Moore’s law with its ultra-fast photonic chips specialized for AI work, and with a new $80 million round, the company is poised to take its light-powered computing to market. We firstly […]

Wasabi scores $112M Series C on $700M valuation to take on cloud storage hyperscalers

Taking on Amazon S3 in the vapour storage recreation would seem to be a fool-hearty proposition, but Wasabi has attained a mode to build storage cheaply and pass the savings onto purchasers. Today the Boston-based startup announced a $112 million Series C speculation on a $700 million valuation. Fidelity Management& Research Company extended the round […]

Introvoke raises $2.7M to power online events that can be embedded anywhere

While there’s been plenty of notice and fund lavished on virtual happen pulpits over the past year, Introvoke co-founder and CEO Oana Manolache predicted that we’re only at the beginning of a” third waving of digital transformation .” In her framing, the first motion came at the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone was using […]

Universal Hydrogen raises $20.5M Series A to help launch hydrogen aviation

The race to decarbonize aviation got a boost this Earth Day with the proclamation of a $20.5 million Successions A round by Universal Hydrogen, a Los Angeles-based startup aiming to develop hydrogen storage mixtures and alteration packages for commercial aircraft. “Hydrogen is the only workable direction for aviation to reach Paris Agreement targets and help […]

Deeplite raises $6M seed to deploy ML on edge with fewer compute resources

One of the issues with deploying a machine learning application is that it tends to be expensive and highly compute intensive. Deeplite, a startup based in Montreal, wants to change that by providing a path to reduce the overall immensity of the representation, enable it to run on hardware with far fewer resources. Today, the […]

Do we need so many virtual HQ platforms?

Teamflow, founded by ex-Uber manager Flo Crivello, had given rise to an $11 million Series A only three months after raising a $3.9 million grain for its virtual HQ platform. The latest round in the startup was led by Battery Ventures, with Menlo Ventures extending its previous financing event. Teamflow’s raise comes just days after […]

Pngme, a financial data platform, closes $3M seed to accelerate growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Since M-Pesa’s mobile money infrastructure came into play in 2007, there has been a proliferation of fintech business arraying from wallets to savings and loans. With this mobile coin ecosystem growing in double-digits year-on-year, a lot of data is being created in the process. But this has left some fragmentation, where one person’s datum is […]

Mighty Buildings nabs $40M Series B to 3D print your next house

Once upon a era, the relevant recommendations of 3D-printed residences was almost like a thing of the future. But as room comes less and less affordable — especially in ultra-expensive markets such as the Bay Area — companionships are getting imaginative in their quest to build more cheap homes use technology. One of those companies, […]

Metalenz reimagines the camera in 2D and raises $10M to ship it

As affecting as the cameras in our smartphones are, they’re basically limited by the physical necessities of lenses and sensors. Metalenz skips over that part with a camera made of a single “metasurface” that could save precious space and battery life in phones and other inventions … and they’re about to send it. The concept […]

Infinitus emerges from stealth with $21.4M for ‘voice RPA’ aimed at healthcare companies

Robotic process automation( RPA) has received a strong foothold in the world of enterprise IT through its effective use of AI and other technology to help automate repetitive tasks to free up people to focus on more complicated work. Today, a startup called Infinitus is coming out of stealth to apply this concept to the […]

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