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Archive Tag: privacy

Gifting a gadget? Check its creep factor on Mozilla’s ‘Privacy not included’ list of shame

Buying someone a contraption is a time-honored legend, but these days it can be particularly fraught, considering you may buy them a fitness tracker that also monitors excitements, or a bell that snitches to the police. Mozilla has put together a helpful register of favourite devices with ratings on just how creepy they are. ” […]

Europe puts out advice on fixing international data transfers that’s cold comfort for Facebook

Following the landmark CJEU’ Schrems II’ find in July, which contradicted the four-year-old EU-US Privacy Shield, European data protection regulators have today publicized 38 -pages of guidance for businesses protruded trying to navigate the uncertainty around how to( legally) send personal data out of the European Union. The European Data Protection Board’s( EDPB) recommendations focus […]

Data audit of UK political parties finds laundry list of failings

In a encounter that should amaze no one, an audit of how UK political parties are handling voter intelligence has surfaced a curse need of compliance with data protection rules across the political spectrum — with parties failing to come clean with voters about how souls are being invisibly profiled and targeted by parties’ digital […]

Instagram’s handling of kids’ data is now being probed in the EU

Facebook’s lead data regulator in Europe has opened another two examinations into its business territory — both focused on how the Instagram platform handles children’s information. The action by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission( DPC ), reported earlier by the Telegraph, comes more than a year after a US data scientist reported concerns to Instagram that […]

A prison video visitation service exposed private calls between inmates and their attorneys

Fearing the spread of coronavirus, jails and confinements remain on lockdown. Visitors are unable to see their loved ones serving time, forcing friends and families to use prohibitively expensive video visitation assistances that often don’t work. But now the security and privacy of these systems are under scrutiny after one St Louis-based prison video visitation […]

Facebook denies it will pull service in Europe over data transfer ban

Facebook’s head of global program has affirmed the tech whale could close its service to Europeans if neighbourhood regulators require it to suspend data transfers to the US following a landmark Court of Justice ruling in July that has cemented the separation between US surveillance laws and EU privacy rights. Press reports rose the coming […]

This is how police request customer data from Amazon

Anyone can access portions of a web portal, used by law enforcement to request customer data from Amazon, even though the portal is supposed to require a supported email address and password. Amazon’s law enforcement request portal accepts police and federal agents to submit formal requests for customer data together with a law tell, like […]

Decrypted: Hackers show off their exploits as Black Hat goes virtual

Every year hackers descend on Las Vegas in the sweltering August heat to break ground on security research and the most innovative hacks. This year was no different, even if it was virtual. To name a few: Hackers tricked an ATM to spit out cash. A duo of security investigates figured out a way to […]

Oracle and Salesforce hit with GDPR class action lawsuits over cookie tracking consent

The use of third party cookies for ad moving and targeting by data middleman giants Oracle and Salesforce is the focus of class action style prosecution announced today in the UK and the Netherlands. The clothings will argue that mass surveillance of Internet customers to be implemented real-time bidding ad auctions cannot perhaps be compatible […]

New Jersey court says police can force you to give up your phone’s passcode

New Jersey’s top court has ruled that police can force believes to give up their phone passcodes, and does not violate the Fifth Amendment. The Fifth Amendment protects Americans from self-incrimination, includes the well-known privilege to remain silent. But the courts remain split on whether this applies to device passcodes. Both Indiana and Pennsylvania have […]

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