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20 years later, unchecked data collection is part of 9/11’s legacy

John Ackerly Contributor Share on Twitter John Ackerly is co-founder and CEO of Virtru Corporation. Previously, he was an investor at Lindsay Goldberg LLC, acted as a engineering programme adviser at the White House and was the Policy and Strategic Planning director at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Almost every American adult recollects, in unforgettable […]


Quill Robinson Contributor Share on Twitter Quill Robinson is the American Conservation Coalition‘s vice president of government things. President Joe Biden has pledged to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. He intends to meet this ambitious target through a gesticulate of brand-new federal spending and government programs. But our best hope for […]

The stars are aligning for federal IT open source software adoption

Venky Adivi Contributor Venky Adivi is director of tactical captivate and proposal conduct at Canonical, publisher of Ubuntu. In recent years, the private sector has been despising proprietary software in favor of open generator software and development comings. For good reason: The open source avenue saves money and growing age by employing freely accessible ingredients […]

Perspectives on tackling Big Tech’s market power

The need for markets-focused competition watchdogs and consumer-centric privacy regulators to think outside their respective’ legal silos’ and catch innovative ways to work together to tackle the challenge of big tech marketplace power was the impetus for got a couple of fascinating panel discussions organized by the Centre for Economic Policy Research( CEPR ), who […]

UK’s CMA opens market study into Apple, Google’s mobile “duopoly”

The UK’s competition watchdog will take a deep dive look into Apple and Google’s dominance of the mobile ecosystem, it said today — announcing a market study which will examine the pair’s respective smartphone platforms( iOS and Android ); their app accumulates( App Store and Play Store ); and web browsers( Safari and Chrome ). […]

The human-focused startups of the hellfire

Disasters may not always be man-made, but they are always responded to by humen. There’s a whole panoply of knowledge and professings required today to respond to even the tiniest disaster, and that doesn’t even include the needs during pre-disaster planning and post-disaster recovery. It’s not a highly remunerative industry for most and the mental […]

Daily Crunch: Biden’s labor secretary says gig workers should be reclassified

The Biden administration inklings at gig economy mutates, Blue Origin will be taking fares and we interview Jim Belushi about weed. This is your Daily Crunch for April 29, 2021. The big narration: Biden’s proletariat secretary says gig employees is advisable to reclassified The Biden administration’s proletariat secretary Marty Walsh recently said in an interview […]

To ensure inclusivity, the Biden administration must double down on AI development initiatives

Miriam Vogel Contributor Share on Twitter Miriam Vogel is chairman and CEO of EqualAI, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing instinctive bias in artificial intelligence. More affixes by this writer Biased AI perpetuates racial inequality The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence( NSCAI) problem a report last-place month delivering an uncomfortable public send: America is […]

MEPs call for European AI rules to ban biometric surveillance in public

A cross-party group of 40 MEPs in the European parliament has announced on the Commission to strengthen an incoming legislative project on artificial intelligence to include an outright restriction on the purpose of applying facial identification and other means of biometric surveillance in public places. They have also recommended EU lawmakers to proscribe automated recognition […]

Amazon warehouse workers to begin historic vote to unionize

On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board rebuffed Amazon’s attempt to delay a union vote set to begin on Monday, February 8. For many, the online giant’s bid was seen as a stalling tactic, including a motion to demand elects take place in-person — a clear health risk, as the COVID-1 9 virus still poses […]

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